Sunday, October 02, 2005

Yarn used on recent scarf

OK Faythe, this post's especially for you. The yarn I used for the reversible scarf below is Plymouth Baby Alpaca Brush. I think it's softer than the KnitPicks yarns, but that's because this yarn has a fuzzyness to it. It's also 80% alpaca, 20% nylon. You can tell doesn't quite have the give that 100% alpaca or 100% natural fibers have.

I chose 106 Bright Pink because I was trying to go outside my comfort zone (with much coaching from Laura and Janet). I'm happy with it too, I love the contrasting colors.

I had originally bought several balls of this yarn in black too, but returned them because the yarn is so fuzzy (due to the "brush"). Unfortunately, I don't think I'll use it much for myself because of this feature. (I have this fear of getting fuzz in my eye, most likely due to getting fuzz in my eye) I'll probably stick to the KnitPicks. But, if you want to make something that has fuzzy, i.e. brushed look, this may be the yarn for you.

I found an excellent article at Knitters Review. Definitely check it out!

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Anna said...

Beautiful yarn! In response to your question on my blog; you can use the coupon if an item is already on sale. At the checkout, it'll just bump it back up to regular price, then take the 50% off from there. Hope that makes sense. I know you'll love the swift and the ball winder!