Saturday, October 01, 2005

Bamboo or wood?

I picked up two sets of Brittany size 5 dpn's yesterday as an experiment. I've never used wood, only bamboo. The aluminum neeldes scares me, I know my knitting will slip right off. I'm going to use these to knit the famous (or should I say infamous?) Ugg Baby Booties. I bought the yarn long ago at a sale (good thing too cause the sueude yarn is obnoxiously expensive) and haven't gotten around to knitting them because I didn't know anyone with a baby young enough to wear them. A friend at work, Kim, wants to make them for a friend of hers. Unfortunately Kim hasn't knit since she was a child. Because I can imagine needles and yarn flying amidst Afrikaan's obscenities, I volunteered to knit them for her.

I'm looking forward to making them too, I just need to add them to my growing list of projects. Other projects on the horizon? Socks, socks, socks!! I'm also eyeing over some lace patterns on KnitPicks. When I commit, I'll show you. (You'll learn soon enough I have commitment issues)

Speaking of commitment issues, I finally finished a scarf I started months ago. I bought some baby alpaca yarn with a birthday gift certificate from my good friends Joel, Janet and Laura to make a reversible lace scarf...that was oh...six months ago? GEEZE. I picked this pattern because it's reversible. After I made Faythe's cable scarf set last Christmas, I decided to only knit scarves with reversible patterns. I mean, I LOVE the cable pattern, but who wants to look at the back? If I make it again, I'll knit it with circulars and make it into a tube so you can't see the backside of the cable.

Anyway, I found this scarf the other day and finished it up. (I almost didn't find the pattern online but after using the wonderful Internet Archive's Way Back Machine that caters to the persistant, I managed to locate it. can "404 page not found" me, but you cannot hide for long!)

I still need to block it but at least you can see that I finished something. I do think this pattern will look a lot better with a lace yarn. (Do I hear a project calling me?)


Faythe said...

What brand of yarn was that baby alpaca, where did you get it from, and how does it compare to the KnitPicks baby alpaca in softness???? I MUST know the answers!!

rayleen said...

faythe - will create post with info.