Saturday, October 29, 2005

Slip Slip Knit i.e. SSK

First, slide the right needle into the left side of the stitch as if to knit. This means you stick the needle through the front of the stitch just like you would if you were going to knit it - but don't knit just yet.

Instead of knitting it, you slip the stitch off onto the right needle.

Yep, there's a slipped stitch. You can see that it's not knit, the yarn is still leading away from the stitch off to the right.

Slip the stitches twice.

Next, stick the left needle through both of the slipped stitches. Make sure the left needle is in front of the right needle.

Now use the right needle to reach back and grab the yarn just like you would if you were to knit normally. I knit Continental style so this might look a little different if you knit English.

And lastly pull the yarn through the two stitches.

See? That was easy, right? A beautiful SSK! And so easy to do, too.

Can you see the SSK leaning towards the left? In some patterns, such as with socks, the SSK is used to slant one direction and the K2 tog will be used on the opposite side of the pattern to lean the other direction.

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Brianna said...

Great pictures and instructions! I never knew what a SSK was. I'll have to bookmark this post for when I actually do a pattern that includes SSK.