Sunday, October 16, 2005

"Oh no she didn't"

OK now that I reflect back on this, it's not so bad. However I still have a problem. Unfortunately, this photo didn't catch the details. *sigh* The "oh no she didn't" is in the details. (I literally followed this girl around like a paparazzi stalker, trying to get a good shot without anyone noticing. How sad is that?)

First, I have to say how much I hate todays fashion of the extremely low pants/skirt/shorts, etc. Please people, I do not want to see your crack, your underwear or any hair. With this new trend I've noticed that everyone, even those that shouldn't, want to show us their skin. Not to mention how you have to keep pulling your clothes, what's the point of wearing them if you can't keep them on?

And then there's that band of flesh exposed at the widest part of your body. Note key word "widest." Why would you like to draw attention to yourself like this? Even if you think your body is fit enough to show this sort of skin, you're probably wrong. I'm sorry to be rude, but it's the truth. Your friends must not like you if they can't tell the truth. Either that or they too have equally bad taste. Still, even if you have a nice body, have some pride. Cover up.

Speaking of making your body unattractive, note how having all the fabric on top also makes you look bulkier on top? Like a linebacker? Not good! This may also be due to girls hunching over trying to hide their chest. I'm not sure, but if you're willing to show your midsection, I'm not sure where the shyness comes from.

And why the drooping belts? Do you really want to accentuate your butt like this? No, you're wrong! It's all bad! BAD I SAY!

*sigh* Girls. This what I'm talking about. Unfortunately, this the best example I have in this set of photos of how bad a pooch stomache looks with the low skirt look. But I think you know what I'm talking about. Up close you could see cellulite. And when she turned around, HAIR. Now, some of us latina's have hair in innappropriate places. It's an unfortunate genetic trait of some of us brown skinned people. Well, this girl had hair all over her lower back. NOT GOOD. Girls, you can avoid any sort of embarassing peep shows by covering up.

BTW, do you like how the belt cups her butt?

I'm sure she's a nice girl and she was actually really pretty. I know, she's just following the current fashion trends. But still, am I alone on this one?

(On a side note, the fashion trend is leaning towards a higher waist line.)


Faythe said...

YEAH!! I second your feelings! Hair on her lower back?! EWW!

Great pictures! I need a smaller digital camera so I can do the same. Mine is too big to try and hide.

rayleen said...

I don't hold the camera up to see, I just point and shoot. And hope the photos turn out. :)

Karla said...

No, you're not alone in this! But then I've never been one to follow the fads so I often get a chuckle out of the herd mentality, though I mean no personal disrespect to anyone who wants to be part of the herd, um, I mean, follow the fashion fads of the day.

Personally, looking at the pictures you provided, that low slung belt might be purposely placed that low across her backside to prevent the wind from blowing her skirt up! In one photo, I can see her left hand seeming to hold what little fabric there is down a bit. Like you pretty much said, if one has to pull and tug and hold down their clothes so that the person being barely covered won't be exposed...well, what's the point of wearing the revealing clothes in the first place??? Oh, but yes, I forgot...the fashion of the day...