Thursday, October 06, 2005

About Elizabeth...

Yes, I felted her. Twice! The first time she was SO HUGE and shapely, she made me think of...a butt print. A BIG BUTT PRINT. And we won't talk about who's, OK? Shut up, Faythe! Anyway, I felted her again but this time in the laundry. I was sure to put her in a pillowcase to protect the wool and my clothes from each other. Unfortunately, we had forgotten about the feathers and down that had eeked their way out of my pillow into the case. As a result, the bag ended up with a bunch of white specks of goosey on it. Not good.

Not to mention the strap is ridiculously long. Well, the bag itself is pretty big. Maybe the strap is made for a taller person? I am pretty short after all. It's also possible I made an error when calculating my measurements. Anyway, as you can see she is quite a bit smaller, at least heigth wise, than before felting.

The loops at the top are meant to be used with a scarf or handkerchief of some sort. Not only adding some aesthetic value, it helps to hold the purse closed. The cool thing about this is you can change the look just by adding a different color scarf.

OK, maybe these scarves don't exactly model the whole idea of attaining a different look, but you get the idea. Obviously, I still need to block this baby. But I wanted to post some photos before I forgot. Errrr, actually I did forget, hehe, but thankfully Candsmom reminded me. :)

I have to say, I'm a little disappointed with this pattern. Honeslty I don't think it's the pattern, I think I've done something wrong. Next time I make it, I'm not going to use the 10's (or was it 10.5?)...I'm going to use 8's. I think that'll bring it down to my size. And definitely a shorter strap.

The only other thing I really don't like is how felted yarn attracts every tiny speck of dust. And you all know I live in a house of 2 cats with fur everywhere. Thankfully, Zoe's hair blends right in. Argh Simba, argh!!


candsmom said...

I'm so glad you posted a pic of the completed bag! I think Elizabeth looks fantastic!! I especially like how you accessorized with the scarves- so fashionable. Honestly, I don't think it looks too big, but then again, I like to pack a lot of crap in my bags. :) You would know best whether it's too large. I really think it looks fabulous! Great job.

rayleen said...'re to nice. Really, it's much bigger in person. But it's making an EXCELLENT knit bag. I tie the strap in a knot and have managed to fit several knitting books, at least two or three projects, and misc. junk without filling it up. Yes, it's a great bag. It has a lot of promise. And of course, Simba loves it and sleeps on it whenever he has a chance. :)