Thursday, October 27, 2005

Finished (and a few knots tied too)

Finally wound in all the loose ends and tied a couple forbidden knots while I was at it (I had to) and I'm finished. They're still a little big, even though I checked gauge. Next time I'll either go down a needle size or cast on less stitches. I'm just relieved I'm finished! Now I can start on something else. :)


aimee said...

Good job! They look great! When I come down there, don't forget to show me how to make socks! Why am I using so many exclamation points?!

Karyn said...

Those are sooo cute!!!!!

I may try some simple socks once I get a few projects done. I must have about 10 in the works, plus some crocheting.

Anonymous said...

those are pretty, I like them!!