Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Why do you knit or crochet?

For me, it's because I like crafty things and I've always liked the gratification and challenge of making something myself. Of course, there's also that meditative quality of the actual knitting process. And with our tech savvy society practically controlling everything we do (not that we mind so much), I think some people are drawn to old crafts like knitting and crocheting because of their simplicity and down-to-earthyness. It's also a way for me bond with my friends and yes, these sort of crafts are perfect for obssessive types. Me!

Simba loves The Knit and figureds if you don't like it, it means more for him (because, "Obviously there's something wrong with a human that doesn't like yarn stuffs").

Speaking of old, I know some people are surprised when they learn I knit. They think it's a craft perfected by grandma types only. I usually tell them, "Actually, it's quite popular with young people." I'm not sure if I've convinced anyone but it isn't uncommon for the response to include, "Will you make me ______________ (fill in the blank with a time consuming, expensive ten skein object that I don't know how to make nor do I wish to learn to make for an unappreciative non-knitter type)?"

What about you? Why do you knit or crochet? How do you respond when people say, "My grandma does that."


Faythe said...

Great picture of Simba, first of all. What a cutie!

I remember I wanted to learn how to crochet when I was 11 because I thought it'd be cool to be able to make things out of yarn, and I've been crocheting ever since.

I didn't crochet much when I was in college because I was busy being social, but now I crochet because well, frankly because I've done it for so long that it's easy for me, and I like that I can make things personalized to fit what people or I like. I like to crochet because I know that whatever I make, it's one of a kind. It also gives me an excuse to sit on my ass and watch bad TV and relax. And I love being able to buy and use pretty yarn, and am always amazed that a bunch of skeins wind up turning into a sweater or a hat or something just with a bunch of twisting and knotting with a simple little hook.

Faythe said...

Oh! Forgot to answer your last question about what I think when people say "Oh my Grandma does that."

Usually I just say "Oh? What did she make?" But it's never occurred to me to be sad that a lot of people only think that Grandmas knit or crochet.

What I really like is when people discover that it's not cost effective, and that it's actually much cheaper to just buy a knit sweater than it is to buy the yarn for it. That really blows their minds!

Karen said...

Good question . . . I'm not exactly sure why I was drawn knitting. I guess, like you, it's because I like to create things. I love starting with some skeins of yarn and ending with a sweater. I also like to sew (start with flat fabric and end with pillowcases) and bake (start with a pile of flour and some eggs and end with yummy cookies).

And yes, I do get the "knitting is for old people" all the time. When I told a guy from work that I not only knit, but also take ballroom dance lessons, his response was "What are you, 90?" It's hard to make people understand that knitting (and to a lesser extent, ballroom dancing) are hot with the younger crowd right now. Maybe if they understood the whole knit blog subculture, they wouldn't think of knitting as "old" . . . I'd like to see them navigate HTML codes to post knitting links and pictures!! We're awesome!

aimee said...

I like knitting because I can make something for myself in the colors that I like in the style (hopefully) that I like. And I'm proud when it's finished.
I don't get too many people who compare me with a grandma... a lot of people say that their grandma taught them how, but they forgot.
The most recent comment to me when somebody (at work) learned that I knit was, "You are a walking contradiction."... I took it as a compliment somehow.

Yaya said...

Simba is a very cute kitty!

Anonymous said...

sorry its taken me so long to resond but there are times when I get so angry with this computer I will justy walk away and not have anything to do with it for days. Now Knitting....I like to embroidering pillow cases. Why cause they are one a kind as I usually do my own design to personize it for the person and its like painting on cloth and it relaxes me! I can get away with the world and go into my own world and think of nothing but what I am doing. And it something people can use. I remember my grandma giving me embroidery pillow cases for x-mas and I coudn't wait to see what they looked like I loved them!
When people say something about grandmas I always say wouldn't our grandmas in the past be pleased we are carrying on what they did. Except for Rayleen now, I am happy she is doing something her white grandmas did cause frankly I can't see her doing what her Ind grandmas did; like chew on fresh hides to soften them up to make clothes and to pee on them to make the brown hair turn yellow to get a diferent look. Nope I don't think I can picture her doing that now. Thank GOD! :-) So just tell them I am proud to be doing something my grandmas had done, this is something that will not be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

my last comment was so long, WOW! I wanted to get back and say you know you could make some crochet thinkgs.......I like those. And your Aunt Rosie does bead work and can tell you where to get and what kind of beads and then you could be doing and carry on another tradition thats related to your Indian grandmothers.....beading. They did some beatiful work!! Even your step nephew does bead work. He made a moaning necklace in honor of his grandpa. He's very proud of it....he used dried testines and had a bear claw in it with the beads. ok love you