Friday, January 14, 2005

There's a Cougar in the Freezer

It's become so apparent to me how important a support system is! While I have almost no trouble eating and drinking right while I'm isolated in the mountains, it's hard to keep motivated for anything else. I can see why Mom would get depressed here. Don't get me wrong. it's beautiful! Everything here is very raw and natural; I love it! But being isolated from everyone...*shiver*'s almost more than a person can handle.

Sure, we have neighbors. I think there are a couple that live at least a half mile away. But in these parts, people live here for a reason. They like being alone. They don't socialize. Thank goodness my grandparents only live about 10 miles away. Unfortunately with everyone's work schedules, we don't see much of them. Plus, with all the drama surrounding them and our other extended family members, sometimes it's just better to stay away. Remind me to tell you about the time my aunt tried to run over my uncle or my uncle's neighbor who says he has a camera in his scarecrow, constantly taking pictures of her. mmm hmmm. I think we're both thinking the same thing.

Now, when I talk to people about things such as my diet (for lack of a better word that convey's the same meaning), it would be wonderful to have the same support system here as I have in SD. Instead I get comments like, "you wish" "it's a lifestyle, you know" (DUHH), "you lost weight?" and blank disbelieving stares. I was very spoiled at home being around people who cared. I now know how hard it is for someone to embark on any challenge if they don't have a squad of cheerleaders rooting for them.

Also, it's snowed since I've been here! Fortunately, it melted in a day. About eight miles up the road, I hear that there's still snow lying around! Mom wants to go see it but I keep getting flash backs to the "old days" and I'm not too interested in getting caught up in it. I guess it would be pretty to see. I should humor her. Poor Mom...I feel so much guilt for not living in Oregon. What's wrong with me?

Meanwhile, Wednesday we were looking for frozen strawberries under the wrapped cougar in the freezer and we found only one bag. All I could think of was I was holding a dead animals frozen legs while we were shuffling through the other frozen berries. Mom kept saying, "Be careful about the whiskers" and "Watch out for the tail; I don't want it to break off." Oh, and I neglected to mention the "pretty bird with the gold feathers" that's lying on top of the cougar. Without wraps. Yes, it's there for the whole world to see. And, you could see that it was violently killed. Am I the only one that see's a problem here? *sigh*

Allright, I've been up for 45 minutes and it's only 6:00 AM. I think I'm gonna go take a nap.

Sunday, January 02, 2005


Did I tell you Mom got a cougar? It's in her freezer. Yes, you read correctly. No, don't ask. I don't know...well, she does hope to take her collection to a taxidermist some day. Yes, collection. Actually, I think she took the bobcat and fox in recently. That's when she found out it's ILLEGAL to kill a cougar when it's in a trap. Well, she didn't know she was going to get a cougar...she was hoping for a coyote or some other obvious sort of creature. After all, the animal was killing her birds and she just assumed it was a coyote or racoon or something like that. Anyway, Mom is awaiting news from the sherriff about what her punishment will be.


I leave for Oregon on Wednesday. My flight leaves at 6:30 AM!! I didn't have a choice though. I wanted to get into Eugene at a reasonable time and they only had two incoming choices...either 1:00 or 7:00PM. The earlier time is much easier on Mom. It snowed at Mom's yesterday. Hm. Um, I don't have any warm clothes. Maybe she'll take pity on me and get me a coat. hehe

I'm looking forward to my trip, but I'm also sad to leave. Weird.