Saturday, June 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Faythe!

This is what I expect you'll do when you come back from your trip to Vegas - pass out on the floor from all the pampering! I'm not so sure about the blank look though.

Hope you have lots of fun on your birthday...btw, did you know it's also Fantasia Barrino's birthday?

Friday, June 29, 2007

It's like confetti threw up

I lost the label but after some obsessing and researching online, I learned this yarn is Regia Jubilee number 5473. While it's not something I would choose for myself, the self patterning is growing on me. It's interesting to see what this spotted yarn knits up into. Even better, it requires no thinking. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say who these socks will eventually belong to. More on that later.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Stupid people

I had a tough day today. I think it all boils down to my needing some sleep, time away from a computer and a good meal. Thankfully when I got home, Apollo had some chicken wings and a soda waiting for me. So of course I logged on to my computer to blog. It's a sickness.

I thought this was funny...a Big Daddy size rootbeer! I can think of a few other Big Daddy's...which reminds me, how's Shawn doing? Shawn, you haven't commented here in a long time. I need you!!

Anyway, today just as I was leaving work, I overheard some people discussing the assasination of the president. I almost lost it. I mean, how can people even entertain the idea of taking another persons life! Sure, you don't have to like someone but really, is this what it's come to?

It's no wonder todays young people think it's ok to talk about assassination as a resolution. After all, their generation walks into schools and shoot each other.

Nauseatingly tired

It's 12:27am. I have just finished knitting the toes on the two red socks. I only need to kitchener them together.'s after midnight and should be in bed since I'm usually deprived of sleep during the week. In fact, I was so tired this morning I slept in until approx 12:30pm.

But yet, I can't draw myself away. Must.Kitchener.Now.

Monday, June 25, 2007

I'm soooo tired

This morning around 3am, one of my teammates called me with a question about a password. I guess I'm supposed to be available 24 hours or something crazy like that. Subsequently, I couldn't sleep for another hour. Today I worked 12 hours. I'm beat.

Oh, a few news items I learned today:

1) WWE wrestler Chris Benoit was found dead in his home along with his wife and 7 year old son in what is being ruled as a double murder-suicide.

2) American Idol auditions will be coming to San Diego this July.

3) American Idol's Jordin and Blake: dating?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

New camera

I bought a Canon PowerShot SD800 last night. I can't wait for it to arrive! I'm really looking forward to some better macro shots and the image stabilizatized optical zoom.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sonic booms got my attention

I heard the twin sonic booms today caused by the Atlantis space shuttle when it landed at Edwards Air Force Base. It scared the crap out of me. For a few seconds, I thought it was an earthquake and waited to feel the earth move. Instead, I only felt what seemed to be a small vibration and the windows and glass sliding door shook loudly. The weird part was hearing the two booms and then hearing them echo on across the city.

If it was that loud here in San Diego, just imagine how loud it was up north!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Update on "Crisis"

Remember last Saturday when I learned my hair stylist, Scotty, had moved on? The salon told me his phone number was disconnected. WELL! Today Apollo called and asked for Scotty, the guy on the phone asked "Who's calling?" Apollo gave the name "Calvin" and the guy on the other end gave him Scotty's phone number!! I called and left a message right away. I'm not sure if he's still doing hair or lives in the area but at least HE will have the choice of whether or not he wants to cut my hair, not his ex-employers.


Also, today I went to a yarn store and actually walked away from beautiful lace Alpaca yarn marked down 50%. Was it the right thing to do? All I could think of was a big tangled mess of tiny lace yarn. I did buy a baby bonnet pattern and some alpaca silk yarn to make it with. I don't know of any newborn babies that can use it but I figured I can at least knit it up and save it for later.

Lastly, we saw Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer today. I thought it was a good, baisc movie. I didn't have high expectations but found it to be better than the first movie. There were some sexual innuendos, bad language (that I've heard on the Simpson's) and deaths, but despite all that, it's just fine for teens. I'm sure they're exposed to worse in video games.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Lovers Leap socks

I finally found an acceptable pattern for the Lovers Leap yarn. It's quite simple actually, which is perfect since I didn't want anything complicated that would require thinking. After work, the last thing I want to do is think. I've knit up the first sock all the way to the heel flap and am now working on the second sock. As you can see, Lil Z decided she wanted to help out with posing the sock. I put a piece of white paper behind the pattern so you can see it better.

At first I hated the red yarn. I thought, what did I get myself into here? The red was almost too much. But when I saw it in some better light and noticed the subtle colors, I realized how nice it actually is.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Update on Faythe

Was I the only one that noticed what appears to be a six-pack of wine in the picture on Faythe's blog?

Saturday, June 16, 2007


I've just learned that my hair stylist is no longer with the salon I usually visit. HE'S GONE! They won't give me his new contact info or where he's working now - some baloney about his number being disconnected! HARUMPH!!!


Friday, June 15, 2007

Aimee got her socks today!

I haven't gotten all the info from her as to which yarn or pattern is better. But, she says they fit. That's always a good sign. :) She has more pics on her blog.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

If Simba lived on the streets (and had a bigger head)...

Today I drove around town looking for an apartment for a friend when I ran into this guy. He marched down the sidewalk towards me as if he was on a mission. He's obviously one tough dude. You have to click for a closeup! I wondered if this is what Simba would look like if he lived outside. This guy even has freckles on his nose and lips just like Simba.

Monday, June 11, 2007

I think I need more sleep or maybe just time off. Or a chill pill.

Today I went to the DMV to get the lien holder off my title. Yay! While waiting to be "chosen," this lady talked loudly in some other language on her cell phone behind me and then FARTED several times. No, not a "poot" sound, rather a "RAT TAT TAT TAT TAT" that can come from between two elderly loose cheeks. Oh it was lovely! At one point she stopped about two feet in front of me (she was pacing) - I froze, stopped knitting and started at her butt, just waiting for her to let loose.

The DMV employee was very happy and friendly until she noticed I have a parking ticket on my car from JUNE 2006! When I said, "What? ME??" she suddenly did a Jekyll and Hyde and acted miffed. Seriously lady, I had no idea I had a ticket! I've never found any tickets on my windshield nor have I received any in the mail.

Upon further investigation, I find out the ticket should have been applied to my registration last December. I give the city a call and they didn't even have record of my paying for registration despite having correct tags and having just returned from the DMV whom acknowledged I had paid them. And then, they tell me I have a second parking ticket! Is it just me or don't you think if I didn't have up to date registration stickers, the police would have given me a ticket for that as well? GAH!! The lady I talked to when calling the city was also very rude. She didn't even give me a chance, she started out the conversation with an attitude. BTW, I had ten days to alert the DMV of any changes of lien to my title but they have five weeks to send me my new title!

At the post office waiting in line to file a complaint about not receiving my mail and receiving other peoples mail all the time, I felt like screaming, "Please, can we move this line along??" Three people were slowly working the counter (I call this type of people "slow movers), one of them explaining the new rules to shipping packages (it's not about just weight anymore, the size of your package determines the price) and another explaining that a watch being shipped to the seller to get fixed because the second hand is broken cannot be insured because, get this, it's already broken.

Seriously, what are my tax dollars going towards? First of all, the DMV and the City employee's are bitchy, secondly I get other people's mail (free credit card anyone?) all the time so I can only assume my ticket notifications were sent to someone else, thirdly, what the hell!

After all this I went to the theater and saw the latest Shrek movie. I felt a little better but now that I'm writing all this up, I'm starting to feel bitter again. GRRRR!! I think I'm going to need to request some time off before certain large events start up later this month. I can feel a little hereditary "crazy" coming on. (And if you know my family, you know what I'm talking about.)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

More socks for Aimee

Pattern: Yarn Harlot, basic sock with some interpretation
Yarn: Blue Moon, Lucy in the Sky lightweight

I LOVE this yarn. I'm so glad I have three more skeins to work with. I'm still not so sure about this colorway though, I'm not a big stripe fan. I'll probably still buy more. :) To see the individual stitches and how they work with this colorway, click the pic.

Some helpful tips for job seekers

These past few weeks I've been helping out with interviewing potential permanent and temporary employees at work. And after reviewing some applications and talking to people, I've realized why all those "How To" seminars at the unemployment agencies, high schools and colleges are available. Let's just say, I'm shocked and apalled that people still don't know The Rules to applying for a job. So, I've put together a little list of tips for job seekers:

1) Wear clean clothes that are business appropriate. Dirty clothes and holes in very obvious places leave a bad impression. So do pants hanging low enough to see your underwear. You may also want to leave your stiletto heels in the car.

2) Write in your best penmanship. Don't scratch all over your application, scribble out words or double or tripple outline letters. A simple line through the incorrect word will suffice.

3) Do take the time to learn how to give a nice firm hand shake. If nothing else avoid the following: clammy, limp, wimpy. I know physical contact can be uncomfortable but a hand shake which only lasts seconds leaves an impression that may last forever.

4) Show up on time or even early. Maybe even call the receptionist and get directions. Mapquest isn't reliable, believe me, I've suffered from it myself.

5) When filling out a Getting to Know You questionaire, please read questions carefully. If the words like "fill in each" are used, you're probably not supposed to treat it like a multiple choice question. Also, if it doesn't make sense to you, read the question again. Example:

Correctly write in "your" and "you're" in the following sentences.

_____ pizza is here.
_____ not going to believe this.

"Her" is not a correct answer.

6) Please don't correct the interviewer - you're wrong, don't fight it. Even if you're right, let it go!

Even if you don't have much experience, you may still be considered and possibly even hired - if you observe The Rules. If you don't care about the above suggestions, you probably won't care about your job performance and the interviewer will not consider you to be a serious job applicant.

And don't forget, most interviewers make their decision within the first few minutes of the interview. Take heed.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Mega Boots socks 99% done

Pattern: Yarn Harlot, basic sock
Yarn: Mega Boots Stretch 701

I used Yarn Harlot's basic sock pattern with a 2x2 ribbing for the leg. One sock has the cuff turned down. Though the leg looks awfully skinny, it stretches out nicely.
When I first found this yarn, I was so excited about it I bought three balls. Now that I've actually completed the socks, I'm not really looking forward to knitting with it again. It's hard to see the stitches when I'm picking them up (though this could be a blessing in disguise) and the yarn keeps snagging. Plus, it's a bit coarse. However, I did buy a ton of it so I'm sure I'll find something to do with it. Plus, I like the intertwined colors.
Discretely hidden in the photo, I haven't sewn in the yarn tails yet - I can't find my darning needles! I know they're here somewhere. After all, I did use them to kitchener the toes. Argh! Meanwhile, I consider the socks finished enough to post here. I'll be shipping them to Aimee once I find or buy some more needles.

Monday, June 04, 2007


In a world of terrorism, disease and starvation, this is the current "Breaking News" headline on MSNBC:

"Why do some celebrities look better in mugshots than others?"


"Paris Hilton Lockdown, Day 1"


Of course, if I knew I was going to jail, I too would get my hair and makeup done in preparation for the mugshot. *rolling eyes*

OMG I just heard this conversation being reported on the news,

Female news anchor: "What, she's eating carbs?"

Female reporter: "Yeah, that's what they feed you in jail!"

STOP IT NEWS MEDIA, JUST STOP IT NOW, WE DON'T CARE! Bring me some news on how we can make our world a better one, not this trash!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Aimee's socks

There has been some knitting. Though I lost the book in which I got the pattern, I was able to copy it down from a photograph I had taken where you could see the pattern in the background. I didn't like the pooling at first but decided, after knitting and ripping several times, not to fight it. Besides, Aimee likes the funky and abnormal.

I always try to knit both socks at the same time. Because I didn't want to cut this yarn (knowing my luck I'd cut it in the wrong place) I'm working a sock from both ends. It's a bit tricky at times but manageable. The cool thing about this yarn, which is bluer in person, is that even though it's 100% wool, is it's not even itchy! And it's superwash!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Cutest ice cream ever!

This evening Apollo surprised me with an ice cream dessert...

A tiny, cute Ben & Jerry's ice cream! On the right is the normal Ben & Jerry's, on the left is a medicine container to help gauge it's size. You can see a bit of the white spoon under the Cherry Gardia label on the lid. So cute! At 3.6 ounces, it was a nice treat. I wish there was more but at 200 calories, I don't really need it. (Damn you Ice Cream and your yummy creamy goodness!!)