Monday, June 18, 2007

Lovers Leap socks

I finally found an acceptable pattern for the Lovers Leap yarn. It's quite simple actually, which is perfect since I didn't want anything complicated that would require thinking. After work, the last thing I want to do is think. I've knit up the first sock all the way to the heel flap and am now working on the second sock. As you can see, Lil Z decided she wanted to help out with posing the sock. I put a piece of white paper behind the pattern so you can see it better.

At first I hated the red yarn. I thought, what did I get myself into here? The red was almost too much. But when I saw it in some better light and noticed the subtle colors, I realized how nice it actually is.


OC Mama said...

That's really pretty!! Someday I'll be able to knit something beyond a scarf or a dishtowell. LOL

Rayleen said...

Once you learn to manage the double pointed needles, you can knit socks too. I used to think it would be a pain to use the small sock yarn but when you compare the amount of stitches in a sock to those in a scarf, it's all about the same.

If I can knit socks, anyone can!