Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Update on "Crisis"

Remember last Saturday when I learned my hair stylist, Scotty, had moved on? The salon told me his phone number was disconnected. WELL! Today Apollo called and asked for Scotty, the guy on the phone asked "Who's calling?" Apollo gave the name "Calvin" and the guy on the other end gave him Scotty's phone number!! I called and left a message right away. I'm not sure if he's still doing hair or lives in the area but at least HE will have the choice of whether or not he wants to cut my hair, not his ex-employers.


Also, today I went to a yarn store and actually walked away from beautiful lace Alpaca yarn marked down 50%. Was it the right thing to do? All I could think of was a big tangled mess of tiny lace yarn. I did buy a baby bonnet pattern and some alpaca silk yarn to make it with. I don't know of any newborn babies that can use it but I figured I can at least knit it up and save it for later.

Lastly, we saw Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer today. I thought it was a good, baisc movie. I didn't have high expectations but found it to be better than the first movie. There were some sexual innuendos, bad language (that I've heard on the Simpson's) and deaths, but despite all that, it's just fine for teens. I'm sure they're exposed to worse in video games.

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