Monday, June 11, 2007

I think I need more sleep or maybe just time off. Or a chill pill.

Today I went to the DMV to get the lien holder off my title. Yay! While waiting to be "chosen," this lady talked loudly in some other language on her cell phone behind me and then FARTED several times. No, not a "poot" sound, rather a "RAT TAT TAT TAT TAT" that can come from between two elderly loose cheeks. Oh it was lovely! At one point she stopped about two feet in front of me (she was pacing) - I froze, stopped knitting and started at her butt, just waiting for her to let loose.

The DMV employee was very happy and friendly until she noticed I have a parking ticket on my car from JUNE 2006! When I said, "What? ME??" she suddenly did a Jekyll and Hyde and acted miffed. Seriously lady, I had no idea I had a ticket! I've never found any tickets on my windshield nor have I received any in the mail.

Upon further investigation, I find out the ticket should have been applied to my registration last December. I give the city a call and they didn't even have record of my paying for registration despite having correct tags and having just returned from the DMV whom acknowledged I had paid them. And then, they tell me I have a second parking ticket! Is it just me or don't you think if I didn't have up to date registration stickers, the police would have given me a ticket for that as well? GAH!! The lady I talked to when calling the city was also very rude. She didn't even give me a chance, she started out the conversation with an attitude. BTW, I had ten days to alert the DMV of any changes of lien to my title but they have five weeks to send me my new title!

At the post office waiting in line to file a complaint about not receiving my mail and receiving other peoples mail all the time, I felt like screaming, "Please, can we move this line along??" Three people were slowly working the counter (I call this type of people "slow movers), one of them explaining the new rules to shipping packages (it's not about just weight anymore, the size of your package determines the price) and another explaining that a watch being shipped to the seller to get fixed because the second hand is broken cannot be insured because, get this, it's already broken.

Seriously, what are my tax dollars going towards? First of all, the DMV and the City employee's are bitchy, secondly I get other people's mail (free credit card anyone?) all the time so I can only assume my ticket notifications were sent to someone else, thirdly, what the hell!

After all this I went to the theater and saw the latest Shrek movie. I felt a little better but now that I'm writing all this up, I'm starting to feel bitter again. GRRRR!! I think I'm going to need to request some time off before certain large events start up later this month. I can feel a little hereditary "crazy" coming on. (And if you know my family, you know what I'm talking about.)

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aimee said...

It's possible that I repress "The Crazy" in me - every day.