Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's time for a change and other miscellaney tidbits

I've had a lot to say lately but have either been busy, depressed or crazy so I haven't quite had the blogging mojo I needed to post something here. Apollo has been driving me to talk in Ebonics while doing the chicken neck and pointing my finger at him. (Also, blogger just corrected me, apparently Ebonics is capitalized. Why??) Mom is simultaneously driving me to the brink of The Crazies and making me want to knit her a complicated heirloom at the same time. An uncle asked me to list an overpriced collectible vehicle on Craigslist and provideds me with photos that include dog tags with his SSN, full name and birth date hanging from a mirror and dried up mud on the floor. A cousin who just bought a trailer for $500 with her husband and lacks the intellect to work in a bakery at a grocery store and is now on probation in her new position as grocery bagger finds herself four months pregnant, though she "had a miscarriage two months ago." I'm excited about this contribution to the gene pool and other fun familyisms and find myself wanting to make a change to my blog. Details to ensue.

I'm also in the process of canning stewed tomato sauce and have decided to blanch cherry tomatoes and add them to the bowl of waiting peeled tomatoes. I assume some swearing may be involved during the peeling process.

In other news, I have been issued a 4 week extension on my unemployment so I can go wild and buy some groceries.* Sweet.

*Enough yarn to make some hippy socks may make the cut as well. I KNOW. Hippy socks!! That's what this town is doing to me!