Saturday, April 30, 2005

Babies...not so bad

Yesterday I babysat my neighbors kid, Hunter. I say kid but really he's a four month old adorable, flatulent baby. Poor little guy, I hear him crying almost every night. Must be painful to have that much gas. Despite the occassional poot, he was a pleasure to watch. Janet and I took him to lunch at the local coffee shop, where he absorbed all our attention. It was practically impossible to talk about anything without using a baby voice or looking at him. He's a lover, but also an attention whore. But how could you help NOT giving this little guy attention?

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Next we took him to the church and he played with tambourines while I helped Janet (somewhat, I was nervous about the baby hanging out by himself) sort out music stands. He fell asleep on the way home *phew*. I even got away with not having to change a diaper, even with all the pooting!!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

October 2003

I was looking through some old pics on my computer when I ran across these oldies but goodies. You know I hate it when there aren't any new pictures on the blog, so I decided to post 'em. I took these on the first and second day the big fires started out in East County. In the first one, you can see Apollo's silhouette against the smoke. That ball of light? That's the sun. It was 8:30 in the morning.

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This is my sis leaning against Roger the next day. As you can see, she's well equipped for the ashy air. We all wore masks or handkerchiefs. Notice how it looks orange? That's not bad, well yeah it is. Cause the sun was BLOCKED out by smoke!

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A New Low

At work. Bored. I'm watching Mom on webcam talk on the phone. It's just been pointed out to me by a coworker, "Wow, I guess you are bored. You know that you are hitting a low point if you are watching your mom on the web cam while SHE talks on the phone."

Yes, thank you. I'll sit here and obsess about my gray hair and watch Mom talk on the phone, waving her arms around wildly while she talks. Maybe I can knit a few stitches under the table here. Doubtful. How pathetic would that be anyway.

Did I mention that Mom was on TV and in the newspaper? Yes, she's been threatening to shoot people via the militia. "I will shoot to kill." I talked to her later that day. "I looked so mad," she said about her appearance.

Oh, and for clarification for any big brother or FBI types, in case you're reading this, there IS NO MILITIA! They are all bark and NO bite!! They just want to sound menacing to the people who have been stealing from them! Yes, they may have guns, but they use them to shoot things they will eat! Again, I repeat, NO MILITIA...ALL BLAH BLAH BLAH, no action!!

For those of you out of the loop, KVAL interviewed Mom. They had a short spot about her on the news, too. She was also interviewed by the local newspaper. Front page news. The headline was bigger than the font used when the Challenger blew up. Mom says the paper was sold out...well I guess so!


So I'm in the bathroom, preening my hair when I see a gray hair shining up at me from the back of my head.

No problem. I pluck the sucker.

Weird, there's another one. *pluck*

Um, what's that silver shine still gleaming back at me? *PLUCK*


With the faintest shimmer still remaining in my hair, I raced out of the bathroom! I mean...I cannot face ONE MORE STINKING GRAY HAIR!!

So my question is, at what point do you stop plucking and just acknowledge that YES you're growing OLDER! *SIGH SIGH SIGH* At what point do you start dyeing your hair? Yes I realize a few (count 'em, FIVE+) hairs are not worth dyeing. But oh yes, my time will come. GRRRRR

Another question, how did those bastards get so long without my seeing them? They were LONG...I'm saying like 10-12 inches!! GAH! GAH! GAH!!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Trash TV

Just finished watching America's Top Model and American Idol. Yes, tonight was trashy tv night! I'm now making up for it by watching a program about how the ecosystems are changing on PBS. Meanwhile, I can't wait to see what Faythe says about American Idol! If I remember correctly, she loves Constantine...hehehe.


I have three projects in the mix. I started two of them today, and the other one a few days ago on my lunch break. I'm beginning to feel a little self conscious of knitting at work; the engineers are starting to look at me a bit strangely. No longer are they averting their eyes from my knitting. They stare and make small talk (not about knitting). My peers in my own department acknowledge my addiction but don't really have much to say about it. Whenever I show them knitting patterns or prospective projects they give me "that look." You know the look I'm talking about. The one that says "I'll listen but I just don't get it." Kinda like Pastor's face when I show him my knitting, or my face when he talks about cars.

So, back to my projects. I still haven't finished Mom's poncho. What am I talking about, I haven't started! I haven't found the pattern that I'm happy with. So instead I started some smaller, easier projects.

First on the agenda, a reversible lace scarf. I'm using an alpaca blend so it's hard to see the lace due to the fuzz. But it's a good beginner project! After three days, this is all I've finished. It's proven to be a little more time consuming than I anticipated.

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Last night I started a sock. I still have no idea what pattern I'm going to use. It has to be something that will go with this rainbow type yarn. Any suggestions? I tried out a wavy pattern, but it wasn't showing with this particular yarn, so I backed up and am now left with the cuff.

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And lastly, this evening I started another Sophie purse. I'm using some wonderful Cascade 220 Quatro. I'm excited to see how it's going to turn out after felting.

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Monday, April 25, 2005

Mom's chat

Mom hates the english language. She doesn't understand why words aren't pronounced the way they sound. Today on chat, we both changed the background on our MSN chat windows to lavendar:

Mom: why is it pro nounced laven der but wrote as laven dar

Me: that's just the way it is. accept it.

Mom: when a person goes into a bath place and want lavender they ask for lav en der not lav en dar

Mom: nooooooooooo

Mom: I can't accept and no one can make me

Mom: its like herb and Herb whuich is which here eh??

Mom: and then there read and red

Mom: doesn't make any since at all

Mom: someone needs to knock some since into some peoples head and redo the dictionary with proper spelling

Mom: or atleast proper pronouceation

Me: i just looked it up, it's spelled lavender, not lavendar.

Mom: its like some people say beers and Bears is the same, excuse me thats Beers that you drink and Bears is a animal;

Me: *weak* hehe

Mom: but pronouced lavender

Mom: But they're not the same, they're pronounced differently

Mom: weak??? what is the beer? not me I get on tv and say what she thinks regardless what people think its called guts lady

Mom: who lavender and lavendar?

Mom: or beers and bears

Mom: if lavender is not lavendar then what is

Mom: lavender? is it something different?

Mom: are you just yelling AAAAHHHHHH

Mom: I heard someone say it. I heard you


Mom: ???

Me: calm down mom, calm down!

Mom: "I" am perfectly clam I just heard someone yell AAAAAAHHHHHHH and it sounded like it came from down your way. what is LMOA

Oh yes, there's much more. Chatting with Mom is always fun!

Next on the agenda

I'm starting a new scarf. Since I've started actually wearing the KFHC scarf, I've realized I want - no, NEED more!! It's amazing how much warmer a simple scarf can make you. And since I've become thoroughly climatized to So Cal weather, 55 degree's is chilly. I need scarves.

So I've been researching the perfect pattern for my baby alpaca yarn. I've never used this fuzzy stuff before and didn't realize it wasn't going to work on this lace pattern, Branching Out.

Unfortunately, my yarn is not a good choice for this particular pattern. I frogged the scarf, but not before taking this terribly out of focus photo.

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I think this means I need to take a trip to my LYS to get some appropriate yarn for this project! Meanwhile, I think I've found a different pattern for the scarf to obsess over.

Sunday, April 24, 2005


Your Linguistic Profile:

70% General American English

15% Yankee

10% Upper Midwestern

5% Dixie

0% Midwestern

5% Dixie???


still stunned.

Thursday, April 21, 2005


Sophie, from Black Sheep Bags, isn't quite dry but I just HAD to take some pics and show her off!! I just love the way this felted purse turned out.

Here's the before and after pics:

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I had to add the creme because I didn't have enough pink (purchased on a whim). I'm thinking about embroidering some flowers on the white area, we'll see. I'm already making plans for my next purse. With this purse, I used Lamb's Pride which has 15% mohair. Next time I'd like to try Cascade 220 (mohair free) so I don't have so much fuzz with my end product.

Oh yeah, and I didn't put this in the wash either. I swished it around in the tub for awhile. I didn't think it was done because in the water you could still see all the stitches. But when I started to gently squeeze out the water, I noticed that the stitches seemed to magically disappear. I love it!!

I can't wait to start the next one!!!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Tee's Windshield

Today Tee and Apollo were cruising down the 805 when WHAM someone dropped something from Adam's Street bridge right onto Tee's windshield! PEOPLE DIE FROM THIS SORT OF THING!!! They don't know what it was, nor did they see the person that dropped the item from the bridge above them, but they're really shook up. I would be REALLY freaked out if this happened to me!

And while Tee is happy he's still alive and uninjured, we all know how he reacts when there's any dirt or dust on his you can imagine how he feels about THIS:

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And today's winner is...

Until I get around to taking photos of my 'hood, these scenic shots from trips I've taken will have to do. This old cement bridge is somewhere in Northern California off Hwy 101. (Or The 101 depending on where you're from as discussed by Crazy Aunt Purl) It's attached to the side of a mountain and is quite beautiful. The debris and decay of the bridge and the surrounding hillside seemed to lend even more personality to view. Standing on the bridge (which my sister and I dared to do, even though we were unsure of its stability), you could almost sense the history and pride of the old bridge.

This piece of history quietly hugs the mountains, winding through the canyons of the Eel River. I swear, it seems like you're always crossing over the Eel's like the Song That Never Ends.

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Ziploc - No response!!

First I want to say, I’m really disappointed Ziploc hasn’t responded to Mom’s complaint about their product not containing the “civet” cat odor. I wasn’t able to find any information online about storing skunks in Ziploc bags, but I did find the following recipe that spawned a distant memory:

Skunk Odor Remover Recipe
1 cup water
1/2 cup baking soda
1 tsp liquid dishwasher soap

Mix wellWhen ready to use, mix in 1 qt 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Work the solution into dog's coat. Keep solution out of dog's face and eyes. Rinse well with clear water.

I have actually had the “pleasure” of trying out this recipe! One year, when I went to Oregon to visit Mom, Boo (a sweet, beady eyed Blue Healer with stank breath that eats cats) smelled horrifically of skunk! Apparently, the night before I arrived she played “I’m Not Too Bright, So I’m Going to Attack a Skunk”

First, we tried the old fashioned method of tomato juice…wait, I lie. We didn’t have tomato juice, but we did have quart jars of tomatoes Mom and Grandma canned. So, um, we tried them. That didn’t work. Plus it was pretty annoying trying to pick all the chunks of tomatoes out of her fur and out of the bathtub drain. (Why didn’t we go to the store? The nearest store that sells tomato juice is a 30 minute drive, not worth it for a cat eating dog.)

Next we tried the “Skunk Odor Remover” recipe. Boo was patient as her fur bleached from a dusty gray/blue to a light brown. She started to get a little antsy when the solution started burning her skin (I know because it was burning mine) but I was the one who freaked out when her fur started coming out in giant clumps! We rinsed quickly rinsed off the solution…along with her winter coat. It was January and Boo had a nice thin summer coat, but at least she didn’t stink nearly as bad! I don't think I'll use this recipe again though. Next time I'll drive to civilization and buy some tomato juice.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

i cord!

Why is it called Idiot Cord? It should be caleld Pain-in-the-Butt Cord!!

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Simba and Zoe

Simba loves yarn.

Yes, he has quite the discerning taste. He's started avoiding my acrylic yarns and heads straight to the wool. After some kneading, chewing, and sniffing, he settles into a trance similar to Catnip Stupor. He's becoming quite the snob with all things stringy.

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It's not easy being Simba. He's often concerned someone will take the yarn away from him while sleeping. Better to keep a good grip on it. Maybe he and Zoe can form a militia to protect their precious yarn? Which reminds me, Mom is being interviewed today by a local television station re: militia. More on that later.

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Speaking of Zoe and militia, here she is practicing her best Stink Eye.

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Zoe doesn't need a militia. Nobody bothers her. Why? Because she's too fast. She has perfected her super power of becoming the Black Streak whenever a stranger enters the room. In fact, most of our neighbors don't even know we have two cats. I guess you could say Zoe is a tiny bit skittish. I think it's strange she doesn't react to 'ghetto birds,' fire trucks, or a sudden increase in television volume when she's sleeping in front of the speaker. All she needs to turn into the Black Streak is a soft knock at the door. Of course, if someone does pick her up, or in the case of Simba, mess with her, she becomes the Black Ball of Furry. This is of course, after she's enlisted some passive aggressive extremely loud and obnoxious meowing and foot-in-the-face. And Simba is no stranger to her choke hold either.

Knit for Her Cure

I finally finished the last part of the scarf. I wasn't really looking forward to finishing it up. Guess it's because I wasn't too impressed with it. I think it'll look better with a different kind of yarn.

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Thursday, April 14, 2005


Talked to Mom today on chat. And she DARES to bring up my age?? OK I just had a birthday, I already feel old! I mean, I'm still suffering from Post Traumatic Birthday Stress.

So she procedes to tell me that I need to get a really good job now because of...get age.


Apparently, I'm going to be facing age discrimination now. At the ripe old age of 33, I have now become a risk employers will not want to take on.

But no fear. I intend to live off the procedes from the book I'm going to write, "Thanks Mom: A Detailed Explanation of How I Developed a Nervous Tick."


Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Grrrr, I'm trying to figure out how to put a project progress tracker's not working! Of course, I know nothing about html, flash or java. I'm pretty much ignorant (or "f**** moronic" as one of our more eloquent customers called us in an email today) when it comes to anything the average 18-year-old learned in a basic high school computer class.

Speaking of work, I've pretty much lost my faith in humanity. I used to think a majority of people were basically nice, even tempered or would exemplify some sort of manners when talking to strangers. *edited due to possible work conflicts* Let's just say, I'm surprised people aren't nicer to the person who has discretion to refund money or reset accounts. But then again, they don't call this customer "service" for nothing.

Gas prices are steadily rising. We only paid $2.65 at the cheapest gas station in town. Yep, my engine was pinging. And not just when accelerating, either. But, at least it was running. I'm a little concerned that 50 miles has eaten a third of my tank. Maybe I should check into that.

Meanwhile, I've almost finished my Knit For Her Cure scarf. I have about 12 inches to go on the third piece, and sometime this week I can crochet the ends together.

If anyone knows how to use a progress tracker such as (or...hey, how to make buttons or links or whatever they're called) let me know. Whenever I paste it in, it laps over all my other content. I've found other trackers that I like as well (they look like bars) but I can't get them to work either.


After all my whining (I can't believe you're still reading) I thought it would be nice end on a note of serenity.

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I took this photo in the Redwood Forest near Hwy 101. Once you get past the creepy stores selling Redwood novelties, promises of BigFoot sightings, and a few nasty port-a-poties, it's actually very beautiful. I love that these huge tree's are so close to the road. God's creations are awesome!

Brookings, OR

I haven't posted a pic in awhile so I fished this one off my desktop. :) It's one of my favorites. I took this one from Oregon's tallest bridge at over 300 feet. It's located just north of Brookings over either Thomas or Thompson Creek. There's some debate as to which creek it sits over, so I guess someone who lives in Brookings will let me know. (*hint hint*)

Notice how the photo is framed nicely by the trees and hillside. It's such a beautiful view! I'd like to hike down there some day.

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Friday, April 08, 2005

Sock update

Mom got her rainbow socks today, and I wore the blue stripes...apparently I need to use a smaller needle!! We both agree they're a "little" baggy. I haven't decided if I should use size 2's or 1. Meanwhile, I'm shamelessly wearing my droopy socks everywhere I go!! And Mom is so faithful, she's going to show everyone her socks.

I already bought some bright pink Opal yarn for her next pair. I haven't decided what pattern to use, but I'm definitely thinking about something with a lace. I can't wait!

One of my friends calls yarn "soft cozy crack." He's right.

Blue Stripe Socks

Well, I finished the blue stripe socks. I'm not much of a stripe person; I didn't realize there were going to be stripes in this yarn! I guess I was too excited at the yarn sale that I wasn't paying attention to the detailed PICTURE on the label. :) Anway, here they are. Obnoxious striped socks...and they match too!! I'm going to test these out, see how well wool holds up and if what they say about wool is true (it's doubtful that hundreds of generations could be wrong about this natural fiber but you know me...I'd like to see for myself). I made these with Regia Multi Effekt Color and have TONS of yarn left over. I'm sure I could knit some kiddie socks with it too...some day. Meanwhile, I'm already strategizing over my next knit project and penciling it into my schedule. :) I'm sure Mom is wondering where her poncho is (it's in the pond waiting to be frogged).


(is there anything sadder than an evil laugh resulting from prospective knit projects?)
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Thursday, April 07, 2005


It's possible Grandpa had a stroke today. We won't know for sure until he goes to the doctor. I feel terrible that I'm so far away. I can't do anything for him. He has terminal cancer, too, but he's been doing so well since the diagnosis. I hope he knows how much I love him.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Alka Seltzer and Birds

The oddest questions come up when you're with friends. After some research, I learned that it indeed is a myth that birds explode when you feed them Alka Seltzer. Thank goodness they have the ability to burp!

Indian Creek Militia??

I learned recently the people of Indian Creek are getting so disgusted with the authorities lack of interest in containing the thefts in their area that they have formed their own militia! Yeah, you read right! They have their own posse now and have even had a professional sign made and posted where everyone can see it. And the local paper contacted Mom and asked to interview her about the militia.

I am concerned. Very concerned.

Updates to follow.


OK call me an enabler, but I gave Mom the link to contact Ziploc and complain about their product not containing the skunk odor. Of course, she calls it a "civet cat," which is an animal native to Africa.

The North American spotted skunk is sometimes popularly called civet but is not closely related to civets. (sorry Mom)