Thursday, April 28, 2005

A New Low

At work. Bored. I'm watching Mom on webcam talk on the phone. It's just been pointed out to me by a coworker, "Wow, I guess you are bored. You know that you are hitting a low point if you are watching your mom on the web cam while SHE talks on the phone."

Yes, thank you. I'll sit here and obsess about my gray hair and watch Mom talk on the phone, waving her arms around wildly while she talks. Maybe I can knit a few stitches under the table here. Doubtful. How pathetic would that be anyway.

Did I mention that Mom was on TV and in the newspaper? Yes, she's been threatening to shoot people via the militia. "I will shoot to kill." I talked to her later that day. "I looked so mad," she said about her appearance.

Oh, and for clarification for any big brother or FBI types, in case you're reading this, there IS NO MILITIA! They are all bark and NO bite!! They just want to sound menacing to the people who have been stealing from them! Yes, they may have guns, but they use them to shoot things they will eat! Again, I repeat, NO MILITIA...ALL BLAH BLAH BLAH, no action!!

For those of you out of the loop, KVAL interviewed Mom. They had a short spot about her on the news, too. She was also interviewed by the local newspaper. Front page news. The headline was bigger than the font used when the Challenger blew up. Mom says the paper was sold out...well I guess so!

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