Monday, April 25, 2005

Next on the agenda

I'm starting a new scarf. Since I've started actually wearing the KFHC scarf, I've realized I want - no, NEED more!! It's amazing how much warmer a simple scarf can make you. And since I've become thoroughly climatized to So Cal weather, 55 degree's is chilly. I need scarves.

So I've been researching the perfect pattern for my baby alpaca yarn. I've never used this fuzzy stuff before and didn't realize it wasn't going to work on this lace pattern, Branching Out.

Unfortunately, my yarn is not a good choice for this particular pattern. I frogged the scarf, but not before taking this terribly out of focus photo.

Image hosted by

I think this means I need to take a trip to my LYS to get some appropriate yarn for this project! Meanwhile, I think I've found a different pattern for the scarf to obsess over.

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laurie said...

It's never a bad thing to have to make a trip to the LYS ;)