Thursday, April 21, 2005


Sophie, from Black Sheep Bags, isn't quite dry but I just HAD to take some pics and show her off!! I just love the way this felted purse turned out.

Here's the before and after pics:

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I had to add the creme because I didn't have enough pink (purchased on a whim). I'm thinking about embroidering some flowers on the white area, we'll see. I'm already making plans for my next purse. With this purse, I used Lamb's Pride which has 15% mohair. Next time I'd like to try Cascade 220 (mohair free) so I don't have so much fuzz with my end product.

Oh yeah, and I didn't put this in the wash either. I swished it around in the tub for awhile. I didn't think it was done because in the water you could still see all the stitches. But when I started to gently squeeze out the water, I noticed that the stitches seemed to magically disappear. I love it!!

I can't wait to start the next one!!!

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MOM said...

Rayleen I am empressed, its very pretty! Is there a way you can put a liner in it too, like something silk? It looks like something you'd get in in a store somewhere.
Good Job sweetie, grandma B would be very proud of you. Mom

Faythe said...
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Faythe said...

Love the pink! I want one! You KNOW the pink would irritate Ryan, and it would be so worth it! I know, I know, I could make it myself, but it's so much more special when YOU make it! *hint hint*