Wednesday, April 20, 2005

And today's winner is...

Until I get around to taking photos of my 'hood, these scenic shots from trips I've taken will have to do. This old cement bridge is somewhere in Northern California off Hwy 101. (Or The 101 depending on where you're from as discussed by Crazy Aunt Purl) It's attached to the side of a mountain and is quite beautiful. The debris and decay of the bridge and the surrounding hillside seemed to lend even more personality to view. Standing on the bridge (which my sister and I dared to do, even though we were unsure of its stability), you could almost sense the history and pride of the old bridge.

This piece of history quietly hugs the mountains, winding through the canyons of the Eel River. I swear, it seems like you're always crossing over the Eel's like the Song That Never Ends.

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