Monday, April 25, 2005

Mom's chat

Mom hates the english language. She doesn't understand why words aren't pronounced the way they sound. Today on chat, we both changed the background on our MSN chat windows to lavendar:

Mom: why is it pro nounced laven der but wrote as laven dar

Me: that's just the way it is. accept it.

Mom: when a person goes into a bath place and want lavender they ask for lav en der not lav en dar

Mom: nooooooooooo

Mom: I can't accept and no one can make me

Mom: its like herb and Herb whuich is which here eh??

Mom: and then there read and red

Mom: doesn't make any since at all

Mom: someone needs to knock some since into some peoples head and redo the dictionary with proper spelling

Mom: or atleast proper pronouceation

Me: i just looked it up, it's spelled lavender, not lavendar.

Mom: its like some people say beers and Bears is the same, excuse me thats Beers that you drink and Bears is a animal;

Me: *weak* hehe

Mom: but pronouced lavender

Mom: But they're not the same, they're pronounced differently

Mom: weak??? what is the beer? not me I get on tv and say what she thinks regardless what people think its called guts lady

Mom: who lavender and lavendar?

Mom: or beers and bears

Mom: if lavender is not lavendar then what is

Mom: lavender? is it something different?

Mom: are you just yelling AAAAHHHHHH

Mom: I heard someone say it. I heard you


Mom: ???

Me: calm down mom, calm down!

Mom: "I" am perfectly clam I just heard someone yell AAAAAAHHHHHHH and it sounded like it came from down your way. what is LMOA

Oh yes, there's much more. Chatting with Mom is always fun!

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laurie said...

hahahahaha... but actually, your mom is kind of right. Really. I mean, "colonel" ... who thunk up pronouncing that as "kernal"? And don't even get me started on i-before-e-except-after-c because I am 33 years old and still have to recite that to myself to remember how to spell "niece."

Word, Rayleen's mom.