Saturday, April 30, 2005

Babies...not so bad

Yesterday I babysat my neighbors kid, Hunter. I say kid but really he's a four month old adorable, flatulent baby. Poor little guy, I hear him crying almost every night. Must be painful to have that much gas. Despite the occassional poot, he was a pleasure to watch. Janet and I took him to lunch at the local coffee shop, where he absorbed all our attention. It was practically impossible to talk about anything without using a baby voice or looking at him. He's a lover, but also an attention whore. But how could you help NOT giving this little guy attention?

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Next we took him to the church and he played with tambourines while I helped Janet (somewhat, I was nervous about the baby hanging out by himself) sort out music stands. He fell asleep on the way home *phew*. I even got away with not having to change a diaper, even with all the pooting!!

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