Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Tee's Windshield

Today Tee and Apollo were cruising down the 805 when WHAM someone dropped something from Adam's Street bridge right onto Tee's windshield! PEOPLE DIE FROM THIS SORT OF THING!!! They don't know what it was, nor did they see the person that dropped the item from the bridge above them, but they're really shook up. I would be REALLY freaked out if this happened to me!

And while Tee is happy he's still alive and uninjured, we all know how he reacts when there's any dirt or dust on his you can imagine how he feels about THIS:

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MOM said...

thank goodness both of the guys are ok. I also hope Tee reported this in to the police so they can be on the look out incase the person does it again. The next person may not be as lucky as Tee and Apollo. Tell them crazy mom says to get guns and "shoot to kill". HAHAHAHA Sorry its not funny I know. But its what came out of my mouth and now people are teasing me. We're all having fun over that stupid remark.