Friday, April 01, 2005

Indian Creek Militia??

I learned recently the people of Indian Creek are getting so disgusted with the authorities lack of interest in containing the thefts in their area that they have formed their own militia! Yeah, you read right! They have their own posse now and have even had a professional sign made and posted where everyone can see it. And the local paper contacted Mom and asked to interview her about the militia.

I am concerned. Very concerned.

Updates to follow.


MOM said...

Rayleen, just read this......I've had two interviews with the reporter and she's called different people up here and is meeting with Thane this coming Tuesday. So we will be in the paper, atleast the Suislaw News that is and yes I'll send you a copy. I have heard from people as far as Low Pass that says goooo girl and we want one too. We have alot of people supporting us. Maybe with out example others will get brave enough and form a commitee of some kind to fight crime in their area. We are just a steppijg stones for others. YOO HOO! :-) MOM

Craig said...

How odd. I just drve through Indian Creek today. I live right here in the area, and I feel for those folks. But I am a local hunter too. Signs like that with no contact information threatening to shoot people are a little, ah, y'know, like, psycho? Especially right on the forest service boundary. I was disappointed to see "speeders" not included on the list of potential executionees. My wife and daughters have been nearly run off the road, passed on blind turns, tailgated, etc etc. on these same roads.
Maybe someone from the militia would be willing to show us compliants where the property boundaries are?