Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Grrrr, I'm trying to figure out how to put a project progress tracker's not working! Of course, I know nothing about html, flash or java. I'm pretty much ignorant (or "f**** moronic" as one of our more eloquent customers called us in an email today) when it comes to anything the average 18-year-old learned in a basic high school computer class.

Speaking of work, I've pretty much lost my faith in humanity. I used to think a majority of people were basically nice, even tempered or would exemplify some sort of manners when talking to strangers. *edited due to possible work conflicts* Let's just say, I'm surprised people aren't nicer to the person who has discretion to refund money or reset accounts. But then again, they don't call this customer "service" for nothing.

Gas prices are steadily rising. We only paid $2.65 at the cheapest gas station in town. Yep, my engine was pinging. And not just when accelerating, either. But, at least it was running. I'm a little concerned that 50 miles has eaten a third of my tank. Maybe I should check into that.

Meanwhile, I've almost finished my Knit For Her Cure scarf. I have about 12 inches to go on the third piece, and sometime this week I can crochet the ends together.

If anyone knows how to use a progress tracker such as (or...hey, how to make buttons or links or whatever they're called) let me know. Whenever I paste it in, it laps over all my other content. I've found other trackers that I like as well (they look like bars) but I can't get them to work either.


After all my whining (I can't believe you're still reading) I thought it would be nice end on a note of serenity.

Image hosted by

I took this photo in the Redwood Forest near Hwy 101. Once you get past the creepy stores selling Redwood novelties, promises of BigFoot sightings, and a few nasty port-a-poties, it's actually very beautiful. I love that these huge tree's are so close to the road. God's creations are awesome!

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