Friday, April 08, 2005

Blue Stripe Socks

Well, I finished the blue stripe socks. I'm not much of a stripe person; I didn't realize there were going to be stripes in this yarn! I guess I was too excited at the yarn sale that I wasn't paying attention to the detailed PICTURE on the label. :) Anway, here they are. Obnoxious striped socks...and they match too!! I'm going to test these out, see how well wool holds up and if what they say about wool is true (it's doubtful that hundreds of generations could be wrong about this natural fiber but you know me...I'd like to see for myself). I made these with Regia Multi Effekt Color and have TONS of yarn left over. I'm sure I could knit some kiddie socks with it too...some day. Meanwhile, I'm already strategizing over my next knit project and penciling it into my schedule. :) I'm sure Mom is wondering where her poncho is (it's in the pond waiting to be frogged).


(is there anything sadder than an evil laugh resulting from prospective knit projects?)
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