Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Ziploc - No response!!

First I want to say, I’m really disappointed Ziploc hasn’t responded to Mom’s complaint about their product not containing the “civet” cat odor. I wasn’t able to find any information online about storing skunks in Ziploc bags, but I did find the following recipe that spawned a distant memory:

Skunk Odor Remover Recipe
1 cup water
1/2 cup baking soda
1 tsp liquid dishwasher soap

Mix wellWhen ready to use, mix in 1 qt 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Work the solution into dog's coat. Keep solution out of dog's face and eyes. Rinse well with clear water.

I have actually had the “pleasure” of trying out this recipe! One year, when I went to Oregon to visit Mom, Boo (a sweet, beady eyed Blue Healer with stank breath that eats cats) smelled horrifically of skunk! Apparently, the night before I arrived she played “I’m Not Too Bright, So I’m Going to Attack a Skunk”

First, we tried the old fashioned method of tomato juice…wait, I lie. We didn’t have tomato juice, but we did have quart jars of tomatoes Mom and Grandma canned. So, um, we tried them. That didn’t work. Plus it was pretty annoying trying to pick all the chunks of tomatoes out of her fur and out of the bathtub drain. (Why didn’t we go to the store? The nearest store that sells tomato juice is a 30 minute drive, not worth it for a cat eating dog.)

Next we tried the “Skunk Odor Remover” recipe. Boo was patient as her fur bleached from a dusty gray/blue to a light brown. She started to get a little antsy when the solution started burning her skin (I know because it was burning mine) but I was the one who freaked out when her fur started coming out in giant clumps! We rinsed quickly rinsed off the solution…along with her winter coat. It was January and Boo had a nice thin summer coat, but at least she didn’t stink nearly as bad! I don't think I'll use this recipe again though. Next time I'll drive to civilization and buy some tomato juice.

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