Sunday, October 23, 2005

Finally, I WON!

I hate that part in the sock pattern where you start shaping the gusset. I cannot stand any funky holes in that corner at the beginning, I just hate it! I'm using a new pattern for the blue rainbow socks and it seems this one is more prone to the problematic hole. It may just be me, but I refuse to admit it. REFUSE! AARARGHGHGAHGHGHG!!

So, to combat that stupid, annoying hole, I knit two less rows in the heel flap so I wouldn't have as many empty spaces when I picked up the required amount of stitches. Actually, I've modified the pattern in a few different places, so I figured, why not change this too?

It's amazing how one sock looked great, but the other wouldn't cooperate. Actually, it was only ONE side that had the hole...not both sides!! This called for desperate, if not obsessive, frogging of the gusset (maybe six times *sigh*). After repeatedly frogging the problem sock by assimilating frantic hand-to-hand combat, I've finally conquered and WON the "hole" problem.

Get it, the whole problem! HAHA HA hahAhah HA HA hAH AHA! I WILL NOT LET THE KNIT WIN I WILL NOT!

Last night around 1:00 AM I solved the problem (it was stupid, really) and now have two socks with relatively normal looking gussets. Granted, the sock with the gusset problem has some stitches that look a bit stretched out, but they will work themselves out when washed. They will, or else....

Meanwhile, the two socks and respective balls of yarn lie in a pile where I left them last night. Fortunately, needles do not appear to have chew marks and yarn appears to have not been touched by predators. Note to self: transfer notes written on paper napkin to knitting notebook.

This may look like a mess to you, but to me it smells of victory! The Knit will never win a fight with me. NEVER!!!

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aimee said...

Rayleen: 1

Knit: 0