Saturday, October 01, 2005

Must get more sleep

Hi. I've been really tired lately. Today I got home from work around 5:00, ate dinner and took a nap. It's now 9:00. I'm really not sure what transpired during those four hours. I know I didn't sleep the entire time. Really, it's all a big blur to me.

I'll get some sleep and post some good stuff here later (good stuff = pictures). For now I'm having a hard time focusing on the screen. Could it be because I'm wearing a weaker-left-eye contact in my right eye? Maybe...things are pretty blurry.

Good news, I figured out what was causing problems on my blog. Well, other than the problems with image uploading, that was bloggers thing. I had posted a stupid quiz the other day and can you believe it - the html of the quiz totally fouled up the html of my blog!! I deleted that bad boy and all is back to normal.

Aimee just called. She woke me up. I was so disoriented when I answered, she had to ask who I was. Anyway, after a five or six hour drive, she's in Albany now. I'm sure she'll give us all the details later.

I wonder if I'm too tired to set up the router?

I wonder if my coworkers noticed I wasn't wearing any makeup?

I wonder if our new coworker thinks I'm really that stooped?

I wonder if I should do anything about my neighbors comment as she pointed at my legs "wow, you really do look pale?" (see photo of supposed hispanic looking girl in upper right corner)

I wonder if KnitPicks will answer my question about whether or not natural fiber will always smell like dog when it's wet?

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