Sunday, October 23, 2005


I'm relieved to learn that Lost is going to be a rerun this Wednesday. Why? Because I missed last weeks episode! I know, not everyone appreciates it but yes, I'm addicted and I need my fix.
Hopefully by then I'll have received my Knitpicks order and can start on a Christmas present. I still have to figure out how to post my knit projects without spoiling any surprises. I'll work something out though.

No other news, except Mom and Aimee are going to be here December 12-16th. YES!! I think it's been about four or five years since Mom's been to San Diego, and just over a year for Aimee. Hopefully I'll have my car by then. Last time Mom and Larry came to visit, I had to cram everyone into my Sentra. It was a miserable fit for everyone. It would be cool if we could squeeze in a trip to Vegas but I'm not sure if everyone's up to it. As it is, we have Disneyland and possibly the zoo and SeaWorld to visit. Either way, I'll just be happy to have them here. And at Christmas too!! YAY!!

I saw Enough again tonight. It reminded me of my time spent as an advocate with the city for vicitims of domestic violence. I'd like to get back into that...

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