Sunday, October 16, 2005

Mitered diamonds explained

I thought I'd answer the question you didn't ask. And yes, I decided to call them diamonds now. Squares work, but they look like diamonds. And "diamonds" works with the flashy colors better, too. Obviously, this is fascinating to me so I am forced to share.

So first (1) you make the four diamonds. The four on the bottom in this photo are the original four. See (2)...this is an example of where you would start knitting to create the second level of diamonds. You start at the x on the right that I've drawn in and pick up a total of 23 stitches, working your way towards the x on the left. This connects the original four diamonds, creates four more (when you finally attach the first original diamond on the right and the last one on the left). Then at (3) you pick up 23 more stitches and end up making a triangle so the top is flat. After you do this all the way around, you will have created a cuff.

I'm so glad I finished both cuffs. The hard part is over!!

Oh yeah, there was an earthquake today. Jen felt it. Did I? No, I was frogging one of the cuffs, trying to figure out where I had added the extra stitch. grr!

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