Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Just do it!

I know the pattern is called Cut Your Teeth Socks, but I prefer Rainbow Circus Socks! For some reason, the geometric edges of the cuff reminds me of circus tents and clowns clothing. I suppose the bright rainbow colors help too.

This pattern is a bit different than those I've used before. The cuff is made of mitered squares that are basically stitched together to create a pattern. I started making the squares a couple days ago and even brought some of the pieces to work to finish up on my lunch break. They started to look like little kites with the ends of the yarn hanging out. Since I like to avoid the dreaded SSS, I made all eight squares at once, rather than the four required for one sock.

Sidebar: I started the squares on Monday night. I watched Monday Night Football (yes all caps are required...c'mon, this is Monday Night Football, it's almost like a religion to some folks! Plus, the Chargers were on MNF after a two year absence) and switched to WWE Raw during commercials and pertinent parts of the show like fake slapping, fake anger, fake boobs (not pertinent but still fake), and JR's fake firing. It's almost as if I needed some testosterone and mindless entertainment to counter-balance the grandma-esque knitting. Needless to say I didn't get much finished which is why I finished up the squares at work. Thankfully my co-workers are used to me and only mumble things like "where's my scarf?" when I pull out my knitting. Or "I guess I'll get it in a year and a half." Whateverrrrr! (How do they know??)

So last night I started attaching the squares. I had to stare at the pattern for a while and read it several times before I decided to 'Just do it' and hope it all worked out in the end. Wouldn't you know, it did! In this photo you see the wrong side of the cuff. Reason being after I knit some ribbing, the cuff folds down and joila! You have a sock with a mitered circus cuff! I'm not so sure about the blue color, but my only other option is yellow and it's not very bright. Plus, I was too eager to get started and didn't want to wait an extra day to go to a yarn store, so blue it is!

Though I'm not even halfway done with the ribbing, this should give you an idea of what the cuff will look like when folded down and covering the little bit of blue I've knit so far. Though it doesn't look like what I expected, I'm sure it'll look great when I'm done. Oh, and I put one of the little squares, which I also described to Faythe as diamonds, next to the cuff to help identify the squares (click for larger image).

While the pattern was intimidating at first, it has, as usual, turned out to be pretty simple! Once I deciphered the code with my secret Knitter's Decoder I got out of a Cracker Jack box, followed all the instructions (even that one lonely abbreviation that appears to be a typo), it has turned out to be a cinch. (I say this now but watch, I'll be crying later!! haha!) I have to believe...and just do it!


pramodmahanta said...

good to see women still knitting

Faythe said...

My eyes!! All those bright colors! At least I understand about the squares now.