Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Something you want to see, something you don't want to see

I saw Mission Impossible III yesterday, it was great!! I avoided the movie for a while since Tom Cruise has been acting crazy. But Apollo wanted to see it so there we were in the theater all by ourselves, nobody else in our private livingroom. Unfortunately, a few minutes before it started, five more people joined us. GAH!

So, the movie started out pretty well. One of Cruises first lines were "Listen, listen!" And I could see the now familiar crazed look in his eye...I half expected him to say, "Listen, YOU don't know psychiatry, I know psychiatry!" But to my surprise, I completely forgot about his late oddities as I became immersed in the film. Or is it because Cruise was playing himself in this movie? I could believe that.

So yeah, I recommend the movie. I liked it. If you like action movies, you will regret not seeing it.

After the movie, I made a quick stop to powder my nose in the restroom. This chick washed her hands next to me and then said, "Oh my God, look at my eye. It's pink, I think the pink-eye is back!" She then proceeded to touch and poke at her eye with both hands, stretching it in different directions and talking about how gross and swollen it was! She showed it to her friend all the while complaining, "I hate it when I have pink-eye" and then walked out the door, pushing it open with both hands.

I pushed the door open with my shoulder, thankful that I am germ phobic in public restrooms. I guess I'll keep flushing the toilet with my foot and using paper towels to turn doorknobs, etc.

pink-eye *shudder*


Faythe said...

Hey! Is there some reason the comments aren't available on the beanie post??

Katrina said...

Ewww, that's disgusting!

And, Faythe, you crack me up!