Saturday, June 24, 2006

California lawmakers are so greedy

That's right! According to recent reports, an independent commission has voted to give California officers an 18% raise. Who is this independent commission?? And how independent are they!

This means lawmakers salaries are raised from $110,880 to=- $113,097, the highest paid in the nation. New York lawmakers, the second highest paid, make $79, 500.

Does this not freak anyone else out?

The governor's salary was also raised from $175,000 to $206,500! Unknown to me, Arnold Schwarzenegger has refused his salary since he took office. I'm impressed!

Meanwhile, this state continues to run its popularity contests aka elections and run itself into the ground. Schools are barely able to educate with their budgets and police officers are leaving major cities like San Diego because pay is too low. Nice California, nice.

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Anonymous said...

HEY HEY HEY! Do you have any idea how much a mocha costs in a california star bucks. Much less how much it costs to drive an SUV to the capital from a far off house in the tahoe area. Lay off people, our elected servants, thats right public servants, need every dime of that money! In fact, I think we should all pitch in 10% of our earnings to help stupport, not the war in Iraq or the was on poverty, but the war on haters!

Paid for the special independant fund to elect J. Gatsby into government.