Sunday, June 25, 2006

Not my eye again!

Tonight my right eye started hurting so I took out my contacts. It kept hurting so I went to check on it in the mirror and it was red...actually a sort of cloudy red. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the membrane that covers the white part of the eye was swollen, like a bubble in an innertube. I could actually see my eye poking out past my eyelids! The swelling stopped at the edge of my iris though, thank goodness. And when I looked to the right, the swollen membrane would sort of poke out. Did I already say that it hurt?

So, I started to get concerned a bit. Actually I think the words I used when chatting with Jen were "freaked out." After all, I am starting the graveyard shift Monday morning and would like to be as healthy as possible. I tried to call Elaine, who is a nurse, but her line was busy. I then called my Mom who tried not to alarm me - insert some vague conversation of going blind here - but suggested I go to the ER. I thought this might be a little extreme (and I am tight with money) so I tried Elaine again. She thought I was having some sort of pollen or other allergen reaction. She recommended putting ice in a wet waschoth on my eye for a couple hours (I did it for 1 hour) and then calling her back. After about 45 minutes I felt totally better! My eye didn't hurt at all and was only a bit pink.

Um, what was I going to say next? I got distracted by a SNL rerun. I'm so tired. Crap. At this time tomorrow I'll be at work, for Gods sakes! How AM I GOING TO DO IT!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!

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Karyn said...

sometimes i get a VERY itchy eye, and i figure it must be from cat hair/dander. the more i try to scratch, the worse it gets. regular old eye drops work well. i just flood my eye with the drops, and the urge to scratch passes in about 10 minutes. it'll be bright red for awhile, but that too passes in an hour or so.