Monday, June 19, 2006


Sometimes I have a hard time getting a good nights sleep. Often it's due to the usual insomnia issues. But usually it's because I go to bed too late. I just love nights, I'm a night person. The only reason I go to bed is because either my eyes hurt too much to keep open or because I know I need at least five hours of sleep to survive at work.

Saturday night I went to bed late and didn't sleep well. So that morning I slept in on the couch. I had a dream I was in a situation just like War of the Worlds. So much that even Tom Cruise was there!

We were running and hiding from the giant alien-beings who were bashing in the two story mall we were in. It was pretty damn scary. Anyway, at one point Tom and I decided we were going to die so we might as well enjoy our last minute and we.....well, we kissed. I know, I KNOW! But in my dream it was the sweetest, best kiss I have ever had in my life. And believe me, I've had some kisses that would rock your world, baby!

*sigh* The kiss woke me from a dead sleep. I remembered it. But then I realized why I dreamed about War of the Worlds; Apollo was playing a video game that had doom-and-gloom sort of music. I'm not sure about the kiss though. That's weird because I'm not attracted to Tom Cruise. Though I feel much better about him after watching Mission Impossible III, I am still a little creeped out by him.

But then, last night I had another interesting dream. I was at my grandma's in Oregon and my kitty Zoe ran across the road. For some reason, one of my coworkers, "Bob," (name changed to protect his identity) was driving a Hummer down the gravel road at top speed. He slammed on the breaks and Zoe hid under his Hummer. The Hummer is funny because it's not a Bob type vehicle.

Suddenly Bob is next to me (you know how dreams are) and we're talking to the family aka grandma, grandpa, cousins, etc. And then out of nowhere, Bob plants a big wet one on my lips, twice! It wasn't romantic, but I remember it. Yes, I do. Because my friend Bob and I, well we're friends only and he's already involved with someone else, a male person. I never think of him in this sense! EVER! It's just weird man, weird. I told Bob about the dream. I was worried it would freak him out but it didn't. It's pretty funny if you ask me. (Maybe if he would stop staring at my...well...heheee.)

Tonight I'm wondering if I'll have another one of these kissing dreams and if so, who and why! I'm sure Freud would have something interesting to say.

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Karyn said...

is someone paying too much attention to the grill instead of the girl????