Friday, June 02, 2006

Grilling time!

It is with a sigh I write this post - again. See, I'd just about finished it a few minutes ago when I made a mistake and tried the Recover Post hyperlink. You know what it did? It gave me a freakin blank post, that's what it did!! I had just finished my whole story about grills and the Puff Daddy look...*sigh*

You've been warned!! WARNED I SAY! Watch out for this little monster:

Anyway, I recently got a small bonus and wanted to get Apollo an early birthday gift. OK to be honest, it's for both of us because I will be reaping the benefits from this grill as well. I should just openly accept that this is for both of us. I don't know why I keep making excuses to buy it.

It all started a few weeks ago. I got home from work at 7PM and said, hey, lets go look for a grill. A basketball game was on but Apollo turned off the tv and was out the door before I could put down my laptop. While at the intersection, we made a plan. We strategically planned the stores we would visit based on their geographical location: Lowes, Costco, HomeDepot, Target and WalMart.
He had his eye on this one. He liked that the lid was enclosed and it had those two little ledges. The enclosed lid is a really good idea since we have an awkward, small "back 40." But, the metal was so thin. Plus, it's huge! Our patio is enclosed in bamboo and aged cedar, I knew this wasn't going to work.

This guy got Apollo's attention too. I agree, it is pretty cool. You can grill AND smoke stuff! But then I read something about being able to grill 20 burgers at once or something and I thought, exactly who is he grilling for?? I asked him and he said, "You, me, Big Mac, maybe Tee, Lil Erv." I convinced him it probably wasn't the grill we're looking for. Plus, when you open it up, it practically doubles in size and that chimney thing would bump up against our flammable fence. No, not good. Not good at all. I could just imagine my flower boxes going up in flames...

Considering that 99% of the grills in all the stores are gas grills, our options were limited. Plus, Apollo wouldn't be caught dead using a gas grill! If he did, he may have to have a few Real Man Points taken away. After some research online, I started reading about grills at Then, I ran across Weber grills. Now, at first I was hesitant. When I see these grills, I think of the Brady Bunch, bell bottoms, plaid jackets...they just seemed old fashioned. But then I realized, they're "old" because they've been around for a while - for good reason!

This One-Touch Gold 22-1/2inch Charcoal Grill caught my eye. The One-Touch cleaning system sweeps the ashes into the ash catcher (that gray thing under the grill) so you only have to clean it out occasionally! Plus, it's a huge improvement over the Silver which merely has a dish that catches the ashes. Imagine what a mess that would make! Did you see this grill is 22-1/2 inches? To grasp the full magnitude of its size, get a measuring tape and pull it out until you hit 22-1/2 inches....Yeah, that's what Apollo said too! We even went back to Home Depot and looked at the 22-1/2 grills to "make sure" it was big enough to cook "enough food." (sheesh) It passed!

So the good news is, I placed my order for the grill last night through You can also buy it special-order from Home Depot but they wanted to charge a $36 delivery fee, even though when I talked to them on the phone they said there was no such fee. Amazon is cool. Most orders at Amazon, if over $25, qualify for free shipping, as long as you don't mind a slightly longer wait. Of course, I don't mind. Plus, the estimated arrival date on this bad boy is June 6th. Not bad at all!

The fun part is Apollo has no idea I placed the order! He knows I've been looking at the grill online but he also knows I'm obsessive and will spend days, if not weeks, thinking about whether or not I want to buy something.

Now last night, I showed him this. I'm telling you, he did a spot-on impression of Puff Daddy with his mouth hanging wide open! It was so funny! Of course, we cannot get this accessory right now, it is completely out of my budget but you can bet I will start hearing about how he needs this special rotissiere for turkey, roasts, etc.

So now, the wait is on. Sometime on or around the 6th of this month, The Grill will be delivered and Apollo will be as giddy as a little kid on Christmas Day! I can't wait!

Now that I've rewritten this, I think it's much better than the first time around. I almost hate to admit it. grrr


barbbeers said...

Rayleen, I liked the first one better and this is for Apollo. And if its to big then he can have it in the entry way and cook things out there. Who cares if it cooks up to 20 burgers, I do beleive those guys could 20 burgers. This way the guys will not be borthering you tracking back and forth checking on the meat. I don't know what the gold one looked like as it didn't come onto my page. BUUTTTT, poor apollo getting second best, poor Apollo. :-) Hope things work out, your a good kid after all. the two of you are made for each other, your both to good for each other doing things for each other....hmm doesn't make since here does it? Sorry MOM

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Karyn said...

gas grills are crap. for a better tasting meal charcoal grills are the way to go.