Saturday, June 03, 2006

Oh yeah, something else about that grill

The first grill photo shown in the post below is a grill from WalMart! Yeah, they actually have grills!

But I forgot to tell you the good part. They had two of these Royal Oak Special Edition grills set up in the store. But, they were falling apart! The guy who worked in that department claimed it was because people were playing with them too much. I'm not so sure about that - besides, if it's true its because people were playing with them, don't you think they should be manufactured better so they could stand the test of time? Anyway, the big tray under the grill was crooked and wouldn't set flat. The lid on one of them wouldn't stay connected to its hinges. On another, the tray that holds the charcoal was set up lopsided and wouldn't raise up and down. Wheels were falling off and one grill threatened to tip over. There were a bunch of other problems, but you get the idea.

The metal was so thin, you could push it in with your finger and it would pop! I wondered if it would hold in heat and how quickly it would warp.

But the funniest part is when the guy who worked for WalMart told Apollo that they would assemble it for free. Apollo actually started laughing! And he wouldn't stop! I was mortified...the employee just stared at Apollo. Finally Apollo said, "You've got to be kidding me, like the ones you have here on the floor?"...and kept on laughing.

I wish I could laugh at someone in the face like that. hehe It was funny.

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