Monday, June 05, 2006

My latest project

I've been "out of knit" lately. It may be work related or maybe because I'm uninspired to make anything with the yarn I have. Of course, this calls for an order from Knitpicks. :) In the meantime, I decided to knit up that beanie I've been promising Apollo. There isn't much else he's interested in, other then possibly a sweater. So I bought this yarn that has rayon in it making it nice and elasticy. Tonight while I was talking to Faythe online, I just about finished the beanie when The Hate transcended across the net and somehow made me drop a stitch while I was cinching up the top of the hat! When I told Faythe, she "clapped her hands with glee" or some other nonsense. After frogging back a few rows and knitting them back, I finally finished the beanie just a few minutes ago.

As you can see, there's not much special about the beanie. To dress up the photo, I included Simba checking it out. Yeah, this basic black beanie is that boring.


Yaya said...

I like the black beanie, i had one once and lost it. I have not found one I like as much as the one I lost :(

barbbeers said...

Rayleen I think alls that is important is that he likes it. He'll wear it I know, infact he'll wear anything you make. :-)