Saturday, April 01, 2006


This evening I couldn't take it any longer. I kept falling asleep while petting Simba so at 6:30pm I went to bed. Good thing I worked from home, lately I have been feeling like I could fall asleep while driving or while at work. There's been a few times that I nodded off while typing. It's really weird. Anyway, tonight I slept for three hours. Hopefully it won't mess me up too much when I go to bed at midnight. I never realized how good sleeping feels before now. Cats really have it good with their 18 hours of sleep a day.


aimee said...

I love sleep. It makes me sooo happy. Seriously! I hear ya, sista!!! :)

Yaya said...

I can tell you how much sleep makes me happy.... now if only I can get some too... Sigh