Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tonights Lost episode

Probably the most interesting Lost episode in a while, tonights show was good! Basicially, Hurley struggled with his inner demons - eating too much and an imaginary friend who almost talked Hurley into believing his existance on the island wasn't real. Hurley was about to end it all when he was convinced by Libby that the island was real after. The most interesting part of the show was the last couple seconds where we visit Hurley in the mental hospital and the camera pans over to Libby, or at least someone who looks like her, who is also a patient!

Oh yeah, and the guy being kept prisoner helped to add a lot of mystery too. Unfortunately, I missed a large part of the show that centered on him 'cause I had to switch to American Idol.

Anyway, there was more to the show than this, but this was the most interesting part to me! If you happen to know more about the prisoner guy, let me know!

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