Tuesday, April 25, 2006

STOP THE PRESS: No sheep were injured in emergency landing!

A friend of my sister, Jeff, had to land his experimental plane in a field today when a propeller somehow fell off. Those of the yarn-obsessed persuasian will be happy to know their wool is just fine and will be appearing in yarn stores near you!

Photo courtesy of Democrat-Herald / Linn County Deputy Matt Rae holds a propeller that fell off a plane Monday. The plane landed safely in the field behind him. (Note, no sheep in sight)

Regarding the old guy who stated the propeller landed five feet away from him, I'm sure we've all heard an old bear story or two from our grandparents. It's amazing how "facts" change when you have a good audience.

But seriously, Jeff is doing fine (though I'm sure he's a big shaken up) and his plane is OK too.

In unrelated news, these flowers were found tucked away at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.


aimee said...

I talked to Jeff and here's the real story: The prop landed in a nearby field. The guy was pushing a tiller (not that close), not riding a mower with his son. They even laughed about it at the scene. And Jeff said, "Sheep? What sheep?"
He had reporters calling him all day, poor guy. Wait, poor me!! I live in this place!

MOM said...

I seen and read the newspaper and I must tell you "i" beleive. I seen the pictures man, it showed the man on the riding trackor pointing at the area where the blade fell. ("GOOD GOD JEFF") your supposed to hit the man to make a good story, good grief......you know get 10 points for hitting him. You know I think I wouldn't be flying for awhile and most certainly not be with you. :-) But then I don't like to fly! Thank goodness Jeff was ok, "THANK GOODNESS"! Thank you Lord! And Aimee??? I would think twice before going up there again for while. :-) Or make sure you have insurnace and in my name by the way. HAHAHAHA