Monday, April 24, 2006

I should post this while it's relevant

Apollo and I stumbled upon an immigration protest while in San Fran. We heard a lot of shouting and noise so of course, we made a bee-line towards the disturbance.

Local news stated thousands were protesting. I've since heard from people that have spent time in the bay area that local news estimates are usually a bit generous. I'd say it was more like a few hundred.

Yep, there were signs. And megaphones. And baby's in strollers. And an awful lot of Spanish. I don't know what their signs said. Too bad, I would like to be able to support them. You know, considering I vote and all. If I could just understand what they were saying!

I tried to get a shot of the motorcycle cop with the beer belly but wasn't sneaky enough. (Imagine a man with a big ol beer belly and spandex riding pants.) Instead I got this one of his buddy and their paddy wagons.

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HanktheDog said...

Sorry you missed the shot but I think we've got a visual.