Sunday, April 30, 2006

My thumb, my thumb, my lovely lady thumb

I'm convinced that my body is trying to kill me slowly with non-conventional and creative methods. Well, more than the regular aging stuff. What's going on, you say? There are some things I cannot speak of here. Let's just say, it's not pretty. *snake eyes*

But the latest problem is in an area I would never have suspected. It's my thumb! Somehow, a small sliver of glass, or at least this is what we believe since this all started after a glass was broken in the sink, has managed to wedge itself down into the center of my thumb. I'm sure you can see how this is a problem. I use my thumbs a lot, it seems. If I use my left thumb for anything, I have to carefully hold it so the point-of-anger doesn't keep poking the nerve-from-hell. That includes driving, washing dishes, opening a door, etc. Or...dare I say...knitting! That's right, now my body is trying to take away something I enjoy; using two sticks and string to make something that can be worn!

Zoe thinks I should just be grateful I have thumbs and stop whining. "Less whining, more petting!"

It's actually more painful than you would think. I tried digging it out once but that didn't work. Oh, and it hurt. Whatever is in there, I can feel a ball in my thumb but I can't see anything like you normally would with a sticker.

Anyway, lately I've been thinking...maybe I should get this thing removed by a doctor. There, I feel better. I whined. *phew*


aimee said...

Hm, might be a good idea before it gets infected. :(

Faythe said...

I agree with Aimee! What if it gets infected and they have to amputate your thumb? How will you knit??? Something to think about.