Wednesday, April 12, 2006

What is it they say about taxes and death?

Well, I'm pleased to say I just filed my taxes. Because of a screw up at work (believe me, you don't want to know) I owe the federal government a small sum. I knew I would owe this sum and have delayed filing taxes. Fortunately, now I'm able to pay such debt. Or at least, put forth a good faith payment. I was going to wait until 11:58 on April 15th but I'm glad I finished "early." :)

So today I got one of "those" emails from my Mom. You know the kind...the kind that make your heart pound and you instantly know what the problem is. (If your Mom is like my Mom, she knows how to make a person panic with just a few words.) Well, I was right on with my assumption, it was about Grandpa. I guess his health has deteriorated and he has been given two years to live. It seems his cancer has progressed along with a couple other health issues.

I feel bad. I feel like I need to move to Oregon and be closer to him and the family. It made me think, why am I in San Diego anyway? I miss Oregon.

The red dot shows where grandpa lives and the red arrows indicate areas I would move to i.e. areas of significant population.

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aimee said...

AAAhhh, wait until you visit me!!! Hey, you should email Drew and Wendy and ask how things are in their area!