Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tonights American Idol

I know some people are all about the boobs but I was disappointed Katherine showed so much of her flesh tonight. I'd really like to listen to her sing without staring at her breasts the entire time. It was too distracting! I don't completely agree with the judges tonight who said her song was too big for her. She sounded great! However, I have to admit that I got a little bored during her performance and started checking my email. That's not a very good sign. :(

Elliot's tie is distracting me. It's big, shiny and tied a little too loosely around his neck. Paula cried while delivering her critique. I didn't find it that moving. Simon said something about a masterpiece. OK Simon..

Kellie is really flat, terribly flat. OH MY GOD is she singing flat!! AAHHH the horror, when will it end? She has no passion in her eyes when she sings, it's like she's all technical and no art. The song was terri....aahh, FLAT FLAT I can't even type while she's singing!! It's like karaoke hell! Let's see what the judges say. (If Paula is crying, it will be because she's in pain.) She didn't get any good reviews, Simon was cut off by the music. Basically, they all agreed that she was good enough at this point in the show.

Paris wasn't too exciting either. I mean, sure, she can sing. But she didn't really deliver this week. I couldn't help but think how her hair looks like Kitty's hair on That 70's Show. Simon gave a quick review. Apparently, his feelers were hurt by getting cut off last time so he dismissed Paris fairly quickly.

We came back from commercial to see Ryan and Simon paling around, that must mean Simon's ruffled feathers have been smoothed over. Taylor sang his bit, it was warm and soothing. Perfect for calming the nerves. So soothing, I stopped listening and started reading an email from my Mom about a cousin I didn't know I had.

Why is it so easy for some people to have kids? Why is it that some people have kids who shouldn't? OK enough of that whole weakening-of-the-gene-pool thing.

Anyway, Chris was next. He ended the disappointing evening with the judges raving about his performance. Whatever, it wasn't great. Meanwhile, I just before his performance, there was a commercial on the news about how all the AI kids aren't getting along and are refusing to talk to each other.

Well, it was a lackluster night. Nothing really great. These past few weeks have been terrible song themes. I can't wait for the producers to pick something more interesting. I feel like I'm in a coma now after watching the show. I actually think House, a medical mystery show about trying to solve mysterious diseases, may be uplifting and more interesting.

I don't really have a favorite this week. I guess Kellie should go. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Faythe said...

"I'd really like to listen to her sing without staring at her breasts the entire time."

WHAT??? Are you crazy? Staring at boobs and listening to music is the best idea EVER!! All the stage needs now to make the experience complete is a pole!