Monday, April 10, 2006

Pit bulls

Today Apollo and I argued over whether or not a pit bull is an ideal pet. While I realize that not all pits are bad, I just think it's too much of a risk to have around other small animals or if you're around children. Apollo says that when they look at you "like that" they're really smiling at you. He also says they're "cute and gentle."

He wanted me to ask you guys, what do you think about pits? Cute and gentle or ugly and potentially dangerous?

Also, if you were to get a dog (even if you're not a dog person, work with me here) what kind of dog would you get?


Brianna said...

Potentially dangerous in my opinion. I think they can turn on a dime. I would not want that dog in my house. I was not a dog person when I got Paco. He is the first dog that I have ever had. He's a chihuahua/terrier mix.

aimee said...

I think they are all of the above. Cute but ugly... potentially dangerous, but possibly that has something to do with how they are raised. They're a little scary, but I can't help but think it's because of what I've been taught about them.

My ideal dog would be either an English Bulldog or a Retriever.

Faythe said...

At the animal shelter where I work, most of the stray dogs we get wind up being pit bull mixes. A lot of the time, if we tell people that the dogs have pit bull in them, they are instantly turned off and not interested in the dogs, which is really sad because it's not the dog's fault that it wound up being born with a little pit bull in them.

I think it has a lot to do with how a dog is raised on whether or not it will bite. But--however domesticated a dog is, it's still an animal, and there's always a risk that any dog breed will bite, from a chihuahua to a golden retriever. Most of the dogs we've had to euthanize for being bite cases were NOT pit was actually a golden retriever. On a side note, we have a cockatoo here named Rain that will bite if he doesn't like you, and just because he's a bird, he's allowed to still be around. If he were a dog and he bit someone, chances are he would have been put to sleep.

I'm definitely a cat person, but Ryan would like to get a dog whenever we get a house. His favorite breed is the gigantic Bernese Mountain Dog, while I would favor something small and short haired like a beagle, or my personal favorite, a pug dog. I'm also a sucker for any dog who's got eyebrows, and strangely enough, I like how black doberman pinchers look.

Katrina said...

I am a dog lover and owner (Shar Pei)

I am of the opinion that, there are no bad breeds, just bad owners.

Dogs are pack animals, they require a stong alpha leader. If you can't or won't be that leader, you should not own one of any breed.

Any breed of dog in a bad owners hands can be both destructive and dangerous.

pit bull 4x4 said...

Pit bulls can make very good pets.Here are some good things about pits. They are very good with kids. When my son comes over on the weekends she sleeps with him.Our pit bull is 3 1/2 years old and loves to play ball. They love to go for walks and rides in the truck. They are very smart. They learn very quick at what you want them to learn and do not forget what they learn. They love to be petted and will lick you alot.She has never tried to bite anyone.She gets along well with cats and our other dogs. We have a Rottweiler, Chow-husky mix and cats. When the cats fight we tell her to go get the cats and she will go brake them up. And come back wagging her tail as to say"i did it". We got her when she was about 9 weeks old. She was rescued from a fighting ring. She was tied up with no food or water and going to be used as a bait dog.
There are alot of other good thing about pits also.
And now the bad thing about pit bulls. You have to be willing to put alot of time in to training them. And I don't mean an hour here and a 15 min. walk every other day.I mean at lease 1 hour walk every day. And that is on top of other training.And they will pull you when they walk ,not a little pull but a arm hurting pull that makes your arm sore from the time you start walking till you get back home.They will never get tired. They think they heve to keep doing what they are doing to please there master. Puppys and younger pits will get into EVERYTHING. They will entertane there selfs when no one is around. They will eat sofas,heard of one jumping in to a big screen tv, If you let them on a chair,sofa or bed,they will think that they can get up on there any time they want and will not move off when you tell them. They are like a bag of cement,you have to pick them up to move them. You have to get them around people and other ting at the start or later on you will have an people or dog aggressive pit. And also think about what other people will do and say to you when they find out you own a PIT BULL. Some people will say very rude thing to you as I think all pit bull should be put down,or only drug dealers own pit bulls,or all pit bull are mean.
Before you get a Pit Bull think why would I want to own one. And if you want to get one read books on them before. It will help alot. I hope this helps and Good luck.

MOM said...

I watch alot of the animal rescue shows and there are alot of pit bulls on there. More then any other dog. And sad to say 98% of them have to be put asleep. The rescuers themmself say that this breed has been inbred to fight. There are alittle amount 2% that are ok and are darlings but they have to be watched and you have to be careful with them cause they can turn against you. You read in papers where people who have them and there is no problem and all of a suddum PROBLEMS! One one show a lady had one called princess and this lady had to call the animal people to come and get the dog. Appartently they were driving in the car and they had princess with them and for no reason she went nuts and attacked the 10 year old daughter who was in the front seat. The lady stopped the car and hit the dog and got her daughter out of the vehicle. When her husband got there he could not open the door as the dog acted like she would attach him. I would get a pit bull or any dog that has a reputation for being mean. I have a blue healer that hates cats and will one at a monent notice but she's a good watch dog for me and just adores little kids. Just not cats! or tires! I know its not the pit bulls fault for being bred for fighting but they are so therefore I would not get one. Bull constrictors are supposed to be nice pets too but I wouldn't be in a room with one nor trust one if its hungry and longer then me. there's the snake lovers and theres the pit bull lovers and I am not either one! And I've have had dogs all my life. I would like to have a cocker mix. I love them, their soft and have big huge eyes to adore you with. :-)