Wednesday, April 26, 2006

One down, four to go

Tonight Andrea Bocelli sang on American Idol. The kids can't even compare to him. It's going to be laughable when Kellie (I know she's going to get kicked off, she HAS to) sings her flat song.

I can't believe they divide the group into three and pretend that we don't know which is in danger. *sigh*

During the commercials, I switch back to Lost to catch highlights from past shows. Meanwhile I'm telling Aimee in chat that if Pickler isn't kicked off, Faythe is probably going to have a stroke with all her swearing, typing in caps and exclamation point usage.

WHOA, did you see Kellie without makeup? What a shocker. Not that shee needs it but she's been using so much I'm not used to seeing her without it. I really think I like her without all that garbage on her face.

OH MY ,THANK GOD they didn't make her SING AT THE END OF THE SONG!! WHAT A BLESSING! LOL! She was cut off before she could even sing!

Well, that was a fitting end to the Pickler legacy!

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aimee said...

Well. I have to say I'm not shocked. I'm relieved.