Thursday, April 27, 2006


So I decided to go ahead and try making the Seed Stitch Shoes in my latest Debbie Bliss book, Baby Knits for Beginners. Other than a large section in the book with how-to stuff and beginning each pattern with instructions detailing what a decrease or increase is, it's a nice book with cute, simple patterns. I initially bought the book for the dress to the right. It seems like a cute little summer dress with a lot of potential.

Isn't it weird that no matter how much yarn you have, you never have the right kind or enough of it? It's true! I don't have any yarn (some people may scoff or snort) that can be used for the dress. I'm going to be forced to buy new stuff from Knitpicks (oh the agony) for this and for the cabled coat from a separate Debbie Bliss book, Baby Cashmerino. I love that her patterns are simple enough that they can be changed by adding small details, colors, ribbon, etc.

Unfortunately, the simplicity of the patterns is also a bad thing...I notice that often the Bliss books often cut corners by using the same patterns in several different books and merely making subtle changes such as a V-neck or a seed stitch border to create a whole new pattern, but I still think they're worth it. I may buy more. I'm such a sucker. Meanwhile, hopefully sometime this weekend I'll finish at least one baby shoe. And place an order with Knitpicks.


Faythe said...

Can't wait to see the jacket when you make it!

MOM said...

:-O does this mean I am going to be a grandma???

aimee said...

I don't think so... I think it just means Rayleen's friends will have kids with cute knitted things. And trust me, it's a lot faster than knitting the adult sizes!!!