Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tonights American Idol

I took an hour nap in preparation of tonights episode. I just have a few comments:

Bucky - So you know that feeling you get just after you've vomited? That acidic taste or feel in your mouth? That's how I feel when I'm listening to him sing.

Ace - Unfortunately, looks will only get you so far, if these are the kind of looks you go for. This week his looks were freaking me out a little. Is it me or does it look like he's deliberately staring at the audience just to get votes? Plus the odd shape of his face and or head is really starting to unnerve me. He should go next, he's not a very flexible singer. The familiarity of the song may save him, though.

Kellie - Wait, did she just tell Simon that she doesn't have an accent? But last week she told Kenny Rogers that she was happy to meet him and sing his music because they both had the same accent! I hated her trampy outfit and I hated that wink at the end.

Chris - He's wearing eye makeup! I didn't really get the song but it was still cool. It had such a weird ending too.

Katherine - It was OK, I wasn't too excited. It had a broadway feel, which she can pull off. Well, honestly, it just seemed like a bunch of music and loud singing/hollerin.

Elliott - I actually dug it! I liked Elliot tonight, he sounded like he could be a member of Queen.

Taylor - Changed his song choice, good thing too cause I think this new song suited him better. It still wasn't the greatest but man, can you imagine what it would have sounded like if he sang "We Are the Champions" as planned? He looked kind of silly when he missed his microphone stand the first time when kicking at it. He needs a haircut, his old style is growing back in.

Paris - Apollo commented that she looked like Tina Turner and I have to agree, she had that TT style goin on. She wears those spikey black boots much better than Kellie does. I thought this song showed great versatility even if it wasn't her best performance.

It was hard to pinpoint a favorite this time, it didn't seem like there was one person that really stuck out. That being said, I think Elliott was probably my favorite. I think either Bucky or Ace should go this week. Please!


aimee said...

I agree... Bucky or Ace needs to go. Bucky first. I think my favorite was actually Taylor. But I still like Chris.

Faythe said...

Look, I don't care what anyone says. The fact that Bucky chose FAt Bottomed Girls makes him a true hero in my book. Woo Hoo!

Katrina said...

LOL, Faythe!

I think Elliot's was the best performance and believe it or not Kellie, as much as I hate to admit it. She actually pulled off a very difficult song (even thought I agree with Ray about not liking her look.

Kat's and Paris's songs were too big for their voices and unfortunately Chris' song wasn't familiar to the audience, which may hurt him. I'm sad that Taylor didn't do better. I love his personality, but his dancing gives me the creeps. So, does Ace's stare.