Friday, April 21, 2006


Recently it's come to my attention that maybe I'm living the wrong life. Maybe the person I'm with has other dreams, maybe his dreams aren't my dreams after all.

Maybe this is a good thing, maybe it will force me to live the life I should live. Maybe I've wasted the last seven years. Maybe I'm just really bad at this.

Maybe...maybe I don't know what to do.


aimee said...

No worries, I don't think you've wasted the past seven years! You've been there for a reason. And everybody has dreams. It's just hard to figure out who's to follow maybe.
Most times I wish God would just tell me in a loud voice what to do. But then I guess that would be cheating. I do know that He'll be there no matter what choice I (or you) make! So if I don't necessarily make the "best" choice, it's okay. Win-win!!

Yaya said...

Poor Rayleen... No life lived is a life wasted! You live, make misakes and learn from them, so you did not waste 7 years at all...God does not close a door without opening a window, or at least give you a hammar, so you can bash into walls and make a door youself :) !