Monday, April 24, 2006

Sandra Lee hahahahaaha!

Luckily, Shawn alerted me to the fact that Sandra Lee's show was on Sunday. Because Faythe was busy and probably wouldn't be catching any Sandra Lee episodes, I thought I'd check her out for myself. Unfortunately, I missed half of it but I saw more than enough to see why Faythe is irritated with her.

First thing I noticed was Sandra coating churros* with pumpkin pie spice. Do they have pumpkin pie spice in Mexico?

How much creativity does it take to figure out how to make a frozen banana snack? Well, apparently enough for some air time on Sandra Lee's show! She cut a banana in half, poked a popsicle stick through it and rolled it in melted chocolate chips and then in nuts. I can't believe this is an actual television show. Or maybe Faythe's food-snobbery is rubbing off on me.

*Faythe just informed me that she looked up the churro recipe...Sandra used all-purpose baking mix. That doesn't sound like a churro to me! In fact, it sounds like a greasy biscuit!